Himalaya Airlines Soon Commencing direct flight from Kathmandu to Yangon

Himalaya Airlines Soon Commencing direct flight from Kathmandu to Yangon

Kathmandu – 05 October 2016

Himalaya airlines is about to commence direct flights between Yangon city in Myanmar and Kathmandu.

Almost five lakhs Nepalese citizens reside in Myanmar (Burma) which lacked proper aviation transport and realizing such fact the Nepal-China funded Himalaya Airlines has decided to join the missing connection.

With the completion of internal groundwork and mandatory authorization, the flights would begin by coming December as per the information provided by the airline.

The Embassy of Myanmar stated that talks between the ambassador of Myanmar, Mr. Yu Lubin and Vice-Chairman of Himalaya airlines, Mr. Bijay Shrestha have taken place and Mr. Shrestha has described enough prospects of the capability of the airlines to begin the flights and talked about addition of new aircraft which was accepted by Mr. Lubin. As a result, the civil aviation department in Myanmar has started processing required documents for the permission.

With this instigation, the long-term relationship established between the Yangon city and Kathmandu’s flights is anticipated to get stronger while the Nepalese people of the two countries would get more familiar with each other.

It is also expected that the number of tourists travelling to Nepal will increase considering the fact that most of the population in Myanmar follow Buddhism and Nepal is the country where Buddha was born. So, the tourists are expected to visit for meditation and other recreational activities.

Himalaya Airlines has already started its flights to Doha and Colombo route with Airbus 320 and Airbus 214 recently. Likewise, the new aircraft to be added for the Yangon route will further travel to cities in China like Chengdu, Lhasa and Beijing.

Himalaya Airlines has been established with the joint collaboration with Tibetans Airlines with 48.99 percent share while the airline has 51.01 percent share.

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