Himalaya Airlines to start chartered flights from Bhairahawa

Himalaya Airlines is planning to operate its flights from Gautam Buddha International Airport (GBIA). The airline will be flying to Kuala Lumpur as its first international destination from GBIA. It is expected that the operation will start from 03 November, 2022, Thursday depending on the approval from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), Malaysia and other relevant overflying permits to operate from GBIA.

For the initial phase, the airline will be operating in the Bhairahawa-Kuala Lumpur-Bhairahawa sector, with expansion to other sectors in the coming future.

Addressing the operation plan, Mr. Vijay Shrestha, Vice-President-Administration, has remarked, “We have been rigorously working towards operating our scheduled flights from Bhairahawa. We are very optimistic that Himalaya Airlines’ operation from GBIA will cater towards better and stronger connectivity of various sectors of Nepal with international destinations, along with passengers’ convenience. Gautam Buddha International Airport is the country’s national pride and it shall definitely contribute in enhancing religious tourism. Therefore, we need to join hands together in this direction for a better future in the coming days. “

He also added that Himalaya Airlines will continue to provide standard inflight and ground services with Bhairahawa as the newly added sector to its network.

The airline sought permission from the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal on Tuesday for Bhairahawa-Kuala Lumpur chartered flights from November 3 to 10.

To make Gautam Buddha International Airport fully operational, the Authority has decided that chartered flights from Kathmandu Airport will now be operated from Bhairahawa.

The Authority has instructed three foreign airlines, including Nepal Airlines Corporation and Himalaya Airlines, to operate one flight per day at Gautam Buddha Airport as per the winter schedule.

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