Himalaya Transports Vero Cell Vaccines for Philanthropy

In the face of the second surge of COVID-19, Himalaya Airlines, in line with its CSR commitments, has yet again come forward to support the nation by bringing home 200,000 doses of Vero Cell vaccines donated by the Tibet Autonomous Region Government, PRC. Himalaya’s Airbus 319-115, 9N-AJK is operating four back-to-back flights to Kunming on Jun 01 & Jun 02, 2021 for transporting vaccines.

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Total 200,000 doses of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine (Vero Cell) are being carried in 417 boxes for free by Himalaya Airlines. Each flight will ferry a maximum of 105 boxes per flight. The first free cargo flight to Kunming had departed from Kathmandu yesterday, on May 31 at 20:28 hrs. which landed back at Tribhuvan International Airport today at 06:28 hrs. By operating these free flights, Himalaya contributed a total of US$ 192,000.00 equivalent to Rupees 2.25 crores approximately.

Commenting on these philanthropic flights, President Mr. Zhou Enyong has stated “This is a historic moment for Himalaya and its team, towards supporting the Government of Nepal and the nation, in its fight with the pandemic. We are honored to operate these flights on humanitarian grounds at this crucial time.”

Himalaya maintains a very high level of safe operation of flights for both passengers and cargo transport.  For the safe transportation of the COVID-19 vaccines, H9 team has fulfilled all requirements for compliance and has followed well planned loading and transportation procedure to enhance the product safety.

Upon arrival of the vaccines, Vice President – Mr. Vijay Shrestha remarked, “This is a small yet important step by Himalaya in the service of the nation during this second surge of Covid-19. Himalaya will always stand by the people and government of Nepal in times of crisis.

Since the early stages of the pandemic, Himalaya Airlines has been actively supporting the Government and the people. This included direct contribution of Rs. ten million to Government COVID-19 Fund as well as assisting various hospitals like AMDA Hospital, Damak, Zhapa, Crisis Management Centre at Gulmi in Province 5, Shahid Gangalal National Heart Centre, National Trauma Centre and Manmohan Memorial Community Hospital etc. in Kathmandu with essential medical equipment and supplies like PCR test machine, portable ventilator, infrared thermometers, PPEs (such as surgical masks, protective boots & face shields, disposable gloves, hand sanitizers) etc. for the front line health workers.

All photos by Himalaya Airlines

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