Home Minister directs to fix the disruptions in TIA’s electricity supply

The government has shown keen interest in resolving the problem seen in Tribhuvan International Airports’ regular electricity supply.

Home minister Ram Bahadur Thapa, calling Kulaman Ghising, Executive Director of Nepal Electricity Authority has directed to fix the problem seen in electricity supply.

He stated Ghising to determine electrical problems inside the airport and make an execution to provide regular electricity supply inside airport. Government is ready to help on essential subject matter, added Home minister Thapa.

He further directed Executive Director Ghising to pay special attention on the electricity supply inside the airport as even the electrical power cut off for short duration would led to create massive inconvenience.

Even the hitch in voltage could lead to some minor problems. And the authority is exertive in figuring out such alteration focusing mainly on important areas like airport, said Executive Director Ghising.

He has appealed for an essential help from Home Ministry to unravel Electric leakage.

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