Hong Kong suspended Nepal Airlines flights for two weeks

Nepal Airlines has been suspended for Hongkong flight for two weeks after passengers travelling from Nepal to Hongkong tested Positive for COVID-19. Nepal Airlines claimed that five passengers has submitted the negative PCR report where hongkong result shows positive for In Hong Kong, five passengers traveling via NAC on 03 Oct 2020 were positively checked.

The report states that due to the negligence of travelers involved, Nepal Airlines had to suffer.

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‘People should stay isolated after completing their PCR test and not come in touch with others, but most of them appear to violate this procedure. This may be the explanation of why there has been such a problem,’ the official added. “Those five travelers may have come in touch with a symptomless COVID-19 individual after their PCR test was done,” he said.

The NAC country manager for Hong Kong is investigating the situation, as per the official. The five travelers were all taken to a Hong Kong hospital.

In the meantime, NAC is also conducting the investigation in Nepal, Sushil Ghimire, executive director of NAC, said, to discover out whose mistake brought us to this condition.

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