Hongkong suspended the Nepal Airlines flight for 3rd time

Nepal Airlines has been barred from operating from Hong Kong Airport for the third time.The flight to Hong Kong from Nepal Airlines is suspended for 15 days for transporting infected travelers.

Previously, for the first time, Hong Kong had barred passengers coming via Nepal Airlines from 4 to 17 October. Nepal Airlines, which again flew Kathmandu-Hong Kong, subsequently reported that the passengers had seen the corona again and that Hong Kong had banned the flight for the second time from 20 October to 3 November.

PCR report in Kathmandu seems negative, but it seems positive in the destination. This makes a big question towards the laboratory of Nepal.

“We have just taken those that have a negative PCR,” said Karishma Shrestha, Nepal Airlines’ spokesperson.

Mandatory PCR needs to be negative for International air travel. According to the requirements, all passengers fly by air with a PCR report of up to 72 hours, but Nepal Airlines says that when they enter the destination after showing a negative report from Nepal, the PCR seems positive.

Nepal Airlines warned that, not just in Hong Kong but also in Dubai and Japan, PCR is positive.

The airlines claimed that the travelers were walking erratically during the PCR exam, and there could even be complications in the laboratories. All laboratories approved by the Government of Nepal have been recognized by Nepal Airlines.

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