Hop Himalaya takes off to introduce a new era of Nepalese Aviation


Hop Himalaya previously operating as Makalu Air takes off with a new purpose to serve Nepal aviation in a different way for the first time. As a new initiation, Hop Himalaya has been operating services other than regular schedule services.

For the first time in Nepal, it now operates Air-ambulance for medical evacuation with modern medical equipment onboard. It also provides other services focusing on tourism services like mountain flight, sight-seeing as well as charter flight. It is not operating any schedule flights in the mean time.

Hop Himalaya started its operation from September 5 this year with 1 Grand Caravan C-206 and a C208B aircraft which are currently registered under Makalu Air. Both the aircrafts are in airworthy status to fly.

The initiation was taken by Makalu Air along with other travel experts and the operating member remains from Makalu Air.

They operate with their base in Pokhara with 2 Pilots and 3 Co-pilots. Capt. Tenzing Lama is the chief pilot in operation for the company.

Similarly Raju Shrestha from National Aviation Academy is seated as Chairman while its Managing Director and Operating Directors are Abhisek Shrestha and Nabin Shrestha respectively for Hop Himalaya promising to bring a new era in Nepalese aviation world.

Hop Himalaya mainly gets attention for its medical air ambulance service it provides as it is a new initiation in Nepal’s aviation history. The aircrafts have preloaded medical equipment and monitors with space available for patient family as well as attendant. The aircraft also offers patient friendly space and wide doors to easily load stretcher and patient.

The aircrafts flying under Makalu Air was on a temporary halt after a catastrophic crash of Makalu Air C208B aircraft on May 16 this year. Two pilots were killed after the Grand Caravan went missing for four hours and unfortunately crashed at the mountainside of Simikot Pass at an altitude of 12,800 feet. Nepalese aviation still mourns the demise of dedicated and experienced pilots serving rural Nepal from ages.

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