How to book a helicopter in Nepal?

Nepal, as a geographically complex country, doesn’t have air accessibility in many remote regions. Those accessible regions aren’t easily reachable due to vibrant terrains, difficult airstrips, and challenging approaches. Helicopters are viable means of transport used in countries like Nepal, where remote areas can be accessed without much difficulty. Helicopter charter services are famous services due to the facility of easy booking. Helicopter flight is one of the rapid means of transport in Nepal.

How to book a helicopter in Nepal

With the easy booking, one can take helicopter charter flights to all connected destinations in Nepal. Since there are many helicopter charter companies in Nepal, every company has different ways of booking.


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Another way to book the helicopter is by contacting the company by email. Once an email is sent to the company you want to book a helicopter from, they provide service at short notice. The booking can be made through inquiry at first.

You can simply visit some travel sites online, search for the tours you seek to experience, or for available helicopters within your budget and book the one that suits your need. The process of booking air charter is hassle-free in Nepal, offering one-stop solutions for all kinds of helicopter charter requirements.

How to book a helicopter in Nepal?

The other way to book/inquire is through forms made available by the helicopter charter company. The standard form basically contains:

1. Flight from-i.e. from where you require the flight service?

2. Going to, i.e., where is the intended destination?

3. Flight date- i.e., when do you need the flight service?

4. Return date- i.e., when will you return?

5. Number of passengers

6. Full name of the person

7. Mobile number including the country code

8. Email of the person booking the service

9. Address of the person

10. Nationality of the person according to the passport

11. Hotel category (5 stars, four stars, three stars, or no need hotel)

12. Tour starting and ending airport

The passenger can either be an adult, child, or an infant. Adults are those who have crossed 12 years of age. Children are those below the age of 12 but already crossed age 2. Infants are those who are below two years.

Then the form needs to be submitted.

Many helicopter companies offer booking options on their sites, where one can check the availability depending upon the date and number of travelers. Also, tourists are offered to ‘book now and pay later’ where they can secure their spots in the helicopters while remaining flexible. The price ranges are variable according to the destination to be reached and group size. Some companies offer free cancellation policy where the customers can cancel their flights up to 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience and receive full payment. One can book online or call the office at a flexible time. There are 20/25 helicopters available in Nepal for charter or tour solutions. Helicopter companies in Nepal offer an unparalleled level of helicopter operation services with complete confidentiality and anonymity.

How to book a helicopter in Nepal

Most helicopter charter companies offer 24/7 customer service, so planning gets easier. Different tour operators allow the tourists to book the best helicopter rides and aerial tours to enjoy the destinations from the sky. Many travel agents and tour operators help the customers avail of helicopter booking services to a range of destinations.

There are different reasons to book a helicopter in Nepal

They can be for rescue operations (or relief programs), medical evacuations (who require immediate evacuation and medical attention), heli-ski, business tours to isolated and exotic areas, and exciting leisure in mountain flights, transportation of cargos, holy tours to religious and historical places of Nepal, aerial or seismic survey, etc. or they can be any other charter solutions.  Helicopters can be used both for practical and pleasure reasons, ranging from scientific, technical rescue operations to visitors’ enjoyment, mountaineering expeditions, trekking religious tours, etc.

Not only international tourists, but Nepalese too enjoy the helicopter service. Nepal, albeit a developing nation, has lots of attractions to offer to people. So it’s a privilege to have fun in different parts of the country with helicopter flights.

How to book a helicopter in Nepal

There are few helicopter charter companies in Nepal offering helicopter services. They are:

To book helicopter tours in Nepal, one can:

1)      Make a list of places that can be explored via helicopter in Nepal.

2)      Choose the most visited helicopter tour destinations like Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour, Gokyo lake, ABC tour, Langtang or Rara Helicopter tour) etc.

3)      Once the helicopter tour has been selected, inquire for quotation and availability.

4)      Book the trip-experience the majestic Himalayas view blended with luxury.

To book a helicopter in Nepal, one needs to understand the helicopter fares per hour. Though fares depend on time and location, some of the fares to popular areas are as follows:

  • From Pokhara to Manang-(2800$, 3 hours)
  • From Kathmandu to Everest base camp-(1500$, hours)
  • From Kathmandu to Muktinath- (4200$, 3 hours and 30 minutes)
  • From Kathmandu to Chitwan National Park-(2200$, 4 hours)
  • From Kathmandu to Rara lake- (8500$, 4 hours)

The fares differ according to time. More time will make more money. Minimum 1 person and a maximum of 5 persons can accommodate in a helicopter flight.

Fishtail Air 9N-AKA - aviationnepal

Nepal, being a Himalayan country, a Helicopter is the best option for emergency cases and rescue.

  • From Dhangadi-Kathmandu=4000$
  • From Nepalgunj-Kathmandu= 4250$, flight distance 324km
  • From Kathmandu-Lumbini=3500$, flight distance 272 km
  • From Bhairahawa-Kathmandu=3200$
  • From Pokhara- Kathmandu=2500$, flight distance 146km
  • From Kathmandu-Biratnagar= 3500$, flight distance 144 km

There are different packages available for helicopter services such as guided tours (Pokhara-Annapurna Base Camp), private tours (helicopter tour to ultimate Everest), day trips (Annapurna Base Camp helicopter sightseeing tour), Multi-day trips ( e.g., Kathmandu-Ghorepani Poonhill-5 days trek). 

Why book a helicopter in Nepal?

There are different reasons to book helicopter services in Nepal.

•        Helicopter flights can be booked at the last minutes

•        Adventurous ride with amazing views of valleys, breathtaking panorama of Himalayan peaks

•        Awesome turn on the spacious chopper with safe take-off and landing

•        Stunning views of scenic landscapes

•        Allows reaching remote areas of Nepal in the estimated time

•        To people who want to enjoy long trekking in the Himalayas yet can’t walk for weeks and have altitude sickness; a helicopter tour is the best option.

•        Easy and quick purchase.

•        Save the time of walking for days while it can be done in few hours of helicopter flights

•        Safe and coherence helicopters for personal and business use. Business people can charter helicopters to maximize their time efficiency. Or the helicopters can be chartered by individuals, family, or friends to travel in luxury, privacy, and much comfort.

•        Charter solution to suit the itinerary of tourists. Charter flights can either be single trips or several flights.

•        Emergency medical evacuation and mountain rescue services to save people’s lives within a short span of time. As Nepal is famous for trekking, tourists can encounter altitude sickness requiring prompt services. When people get lost somewhere in the mountains, helicopter services provide immediate transport assistance.

•        Cargo services to the rural regions-For example, food delivery, cement and pipe delivery, and the transportation of daily needed items. Professional air cargo solutions are offered for supply chain, humanitarian aid, and urgent cargo.

To be successful in business, the product should not only be of high quality and cost-effective, but it is also equally required to be delivered on time and faster than rivals. Helicopters have a premium for ready connections to the suppliers and customers. With helicopter service, the isolated communities can link to the larger cities.

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