How to book hotel in Nepal ? Book hotel in Pokhara Nepal

How to book hotel in Nepal ? How to Book hotel in Pokhara Nepal? Have you ever dreamt of spending a night in mesmerizing Nepal, endowed with plenty of natural and cultural attractions? Arguably the most beautiful country, Nepal has been able to dazzle visitors with its heavenly natural beauty, captivating culture, hospitality, eye-popping art, and architecture for centuries. Home to the world’s highest peak Mt Everest, and the birthplace of Buddha, everyone can reckon how Nepal beguiles millions of tourists every year. From Illam in the east to Pokhara in the west, you can find beautiful accommodation facilities tailored to your needs in Nepal. Whether it’s a high five-star hotel in Kathmandu or a homestay in rural areas, Nepal offers you the perfect stay.

How to book hotel in Nepal ? Book hotel in Pokhara Nepal
Mountain Glory Forest Resort and Spa, Pokhara

Are you seeking outstanding Nepalese hospitality? Then, staying in a hotel in Nepal is the right option for you. Many hotels in Nepal offer you great value for money. Perfect service blended with friendly staff and mouth-watering cuisines is what you’ll get during your stay at hotels in Nepal. As Nepal is unique and deals with history, many historical properties are converted into hotels. So what are you waiting for? Ready to explore the adventures with a stay in Nepal? Make sure to book the best hotels in Nepal.

Booking a hotel in Nepal is simple and straightforward. You can choose the hotels from different online vendors like,, etc. But the travelers also have the option of booking a hotel through phone calls. See, it’s easy. Just with a phone call to the hotel property, you can reserve the hotel room at a suitable price for as many days as you prefer. Many hotels avail themselves of their emails. So emailing the accommodation property is another way to book hotels in Nepal.

How to book hotel in Nepal ? Book hotel in Pokhara Nepal
The Pavilions Himalayas, The Farm (Pokhara, Nepal)

Varieties of hotels in Nepal meet the demand for accommodation away from home. Nepal, being a touristic destination, has an adequate supply of accommodation suitably tailored to the requirements of the tourist market. To book a hotel in Nepal is a two-way process, i.e., guests/customers and the hotel reservation section.

Though the steps may vary, the general procedure of booking a hotel in Nepal is as follows:

 1. Enquiry for booking

Here, the guests need to conduct a brief inquiry with hotel reservation personnel regarding the information about the hotel. The reservation personnel will record the guests’ name, arrival date, departure, desired room type (single, double, suite, etc.), desired room rate, the required number of rooms, desired room plans, contact address, etc.

2. Checking the room availability

The hotel will check the demand of the guests to determine the room availability. Most hotels have their own computerized system to forecast the charts.

3. Accepting the request

If there is a room as per guest requests, and if the available system completely validates the request, then the booking is accepted.

4. Documenting the booking details

Once the booking request is accepted, the hotel reservation will document the further details of a reservation form of guests.
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5. Confirming the booking request

Now the confirmation letter is dispatched to the guest after completing the documentation formalities.

6. Maintaining the booking record

The hotel will maintain the booking record for every booking that has been made. Either the booking is documented originally, or it is modified depending upon the conditions.

The most obvious way of finding out whether the holiday of people went well or not is by asking simply two questions, “What was the hotel like?” and “What was the food like?”. The stay and catering the tourists or visitors have on their vacations or holidays are so vital to them that if these two elements of holidays are not satisfactory, the entire tour is termed as ruined.

Some of the famous hotels in Nepal

Recognizing the traveler’s needs, hotels in Nepal offer heavenly cuisine (e.g., Thakali cuisine, Newari Khaja set, etc.) with comfortable rooms, so they won’t have any problem in booking the hotels without hesitation. Some of the famous hotels in Nepal are Hotel Yak and Yeti, Shangri-La Village Resort, Hotel Shanker, Hotel Moonlight, Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Himalayan Hotel, Hyatt Regency, Baber Mahal Villa, and many more.

Nepal can cater to a wide range of visitors, from budget backpackers to the luxury end of the market. When you book a hotel in Nepal, they treat customers as guests (which is in Nepalese culture) and strive to provide a spirit of hospitality that exceeds their guests’ expectations. Booking a hotel in Nepal will give you an insight into what’s it like to be treated as if you are the most important person, how the nightlife of Nepal looks like, and what facilities and services are available in Nepalese hotels.

Booking a hotel in Nepal has different price ranges. Starting from as low as Rs500, Nepal has it all as expensive as Rs. 100000. Whether you book a hotel cheap or luxurious, one thing can be guaranteed in Nepal- Hospitality. It is because it is in the Nepalese blood to treat guests with respect. You can either book a hotel in a boutique city or safari lodges or resort areas to a backpacker destination; one can sleep peacefully in this peaceful country.

Various facilities provided in Nepalese hotels include well-appointed reception and information counter, conference rooms, swimming pools, banquet halls. There are also several shops, travel agency counters, money exchange, and safe deposit facilities.

Book a hotel in Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara is the whole compilation of nature’s awe-inspiring wonders. Whether you are looking for lakes, forests, waterfall, or 360-degree views of untouched snow, relaxing in a comfortable hotel will add to your pleasure in Pokhara, Nepal. Pokhara also offers guests to skip the four walls of conventional hotel rooms and travel to a resort woven into the lakeside. Booking a hotel in Pokhara will let guests enjoy the serenity of nature, immense in the supreme beauty of greenery in the unblemished waters of Fewa Lake.  While at Pokhara hotels, visitors can enjoy the impeccable cuisine, guided hikes to Sarangkot, World Peace Stupa, and evening campfires. Some hotels offer spa treatment, bars to really savor the city’s authenticity.

The hotels like Bodhi Suites Boutique Hotel, Hotel White Pearl, Hotel Middle Path and Spa, Hotel Hulk, Himalayan Front Hotel, Hotel the Coast, Hotel Ezen, Hotel Lake Shore, etc., all are competing to ensure the guests have a lively, colorful stay at night. While having sightseeing and adventure activities like Paragliding, Bunjee Jumping, trekking, etc., the night will be relaxing with good food and excellent, accommodating staff. Most of the famous hotels are within the serenity of Fewa Lake.

How to book a hotel in Pokhara, Nepal?

Booking a hotel in Pokhara is hassle-free, with most of the hotels not requiring paying with a credit card in advance. The guests can pay directly at the property. If you know the particular hotel in Pokhara, you can book a room by visiting the property’s website. Or, if you are confused about which hotel to book, there are plenty of travel review sites where you’ll learn certain things to be borne in mind.

Some travelers are even walk-ins, you’ll be lucky if you get the hotel room without booking in advance, but this may not always be possible in peak seasons. The guests are required to give their check-in and check-out dates, along with meal plans and rooms required to confirm the hotel booking. Confirmation is immediate in most cases, with booking taking just 2 minutes.

Meal plans while booking a hotel in Pokhara can either be American plan (lunch+ dinner+ breakfast), continental, modified American plan (Breakfast + lunch/dinner), or just Bed & Breakfast. The hotels you have booked in Pokhara should offer views of Fewa Lake, mountains, city, garden, and landmarks. The luxurious hotels will provide minibar, linen, wardrobe, or closet, electric kettle, desk, air conditioning, tea/coffee maker, etc.

The guests should refer to room policy when booking the hotel rooms in Pokhara because guess might have to pay extra fees if they have surpassed the maximum occupancy allowed by the hotel. At the time of booking, the guests should confirm extra requirements with the hotel.

You can find cost-effective hotels in Pokhara. If you are a backpacker and seek authenticity of Pokhara city with minimum price, Pokhara hotels will let you do that too. Even some of those hotels don’t require bookings and be confirmed rooms on the day you are traveling. There’s an adequate supply of accommodation in Pokhara suitably costumed to tourism market needs in relation to tourism. The service and attitude of staff towards the guest of any accommodation has provoked the Pokhara tourism to enable the guests to revisit this awesome city.

Why is hotel booking in Nepal necessary?

Hotel booking will ensure room on arrival; the guests can book the room anytime and anywhere in Nepal. The 24*7 online booking system increases the number of bookings. Hotel bookings will boost the brand awareness of Nepalese hotels while improving their digital presence. Hotel bookings can impact the product, pricing, availability, and marketing materials of all hotels in Nepal.

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