How to Choose the Best Destination for Pilot Training?

So you are an aspiring pilot, and you are searching for the best pilot training destination. But how do you know which destination would be the best for your initial pilot training?

Pilot training might cost you anywhere from 45,000 US dollars to 70,000 US dollars depending on various factors such as country, type of aircraft you fly, and the types of ratings you would like to get endorsed.

So when you select a country for pilot training, you must select it wisely considering the following factors.

1. Quality of Training & Curriculum

One of the highest training standards any aspiring pilot can seek is European based curriculum and training.

The EU-based pilot training curriculum is known to provide the highest standard and quality for pilot training. 

EUEASA syllabus includes more content that will undoubtedly provide you with a better understanding and knowledge of flying an aircraft. 

And one of the countries that provide pilot training according to the EU syllabus in an affordable price range is South Africa.

2. Quality of Aircraft 

You need to select a destination where the Civil Aviation Authority is reputed, and there are no ‘hanky-panky’ and ‘under-the-table’ work going around. Ensure the aircraft is in good condition, as training on an aircraft in poor condition will jeopardize your safety.

So always go for a training destination where the regulatory body has high standards, and the flight school keeps the aircraft in a well-maintained condition.

3. Affordability

It is a fact that pilot training is not cheap, but still, some destinations are more expensive than others.  

When it comes to pilot training, financial planning is quite important. You need to choose your destination wisely because you will spend money on your initial training as well as you might need to save some money for your type rating as well.

If you spend all your money for initial pilot training, you might be left with no money for your type rating, so it is unnecessary to break the bank to get your pilot license.

Therefore, you must always select a training destination or flight school which can provide you with an affordable training package.

4. Training Recognition in Home Country

Before you choose your pilot training destination, you must make sure that the licensing requirement in the training destination meets the licensing requirements in your home country. Also, make sure that the flight school you choose is ATO-approved in your home country.

It is also wise to choose a training destination that is well respected with a good reputation in your home country.


In conclusion, we would like to say that when it comes to choosing the best pilot training destination, you need to make sure that the curriculum/syllabus and training you receive are the best with an affordable price package. 

It also wouldn’t hurt to make sure that the flight school is foreign ATO approved by Civil Aviation Authority and with a good reputation in your home country. 

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