How to find a cheap flight to any destination, tips to find cheap flight

Today we will go through the tips to find a cheap flight to any destinations. Traveling has always been one of the essential aspects of any human life. Whether it be to cool off and relax or for business purposes, traveling serves as a vital tool for humans. However, traveling, primarily through Airways, can be expensive and a bit hard on the budget. However, there are still multiple ways to search and find the lowest prices for plane tickets to nearly any destinations in the world.

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Only use the best and reliable search engines and booking sites.

Searching for a cheap and available ticket can be a headache. There are multiple sites and options which offer cheap and low ticket fares. Nevertheless, how can we know which site provides the best offer and its reliability? Most of these sites cut the money from the airlines from the tickets that people book. It means that the prices of the tickets are inflated in all the booking sites and search engines. It is vital to know and remember which sites provide the lowest ticket fares with less inflation to the ticket price. The following sites listed below are some of 

The best sites and search engines available for cheap airfare:

  1. Skyscanner
  3. Airfare Watchdog
  4. Momondo
  5. Adioso
  6. Skiplagged
  8. AirWander
  9. Google Flights
  10. JetRadar

These following search engines and booking sites are some of the best available options for cheaper airfare, but you can do your additional researches to find more. However, there is not one single site that gives the cheapest airfare 100% of the time. It is why searching through all the available search engines to find the lowest price is a beneficial and cost-effective method.

Be careful with your Internet searches for a cheap flight to any destinations :

Prices in the online flight booking world can fluctuate with prices rising and falling with no indications. However, these sites use certain tricks to fool people and create a sense of urgency to force them to buy the tickets right away. If you check in most booking sites, the more times you search up about a particular destination’s prices, the more it seems to change. It is by no means a pure coincidence but a trick that these sites use to force people to buy the ticket as quickly as possible. Booking sites often collect cookies from the web browsers based on a repeated search about flight prices on particular destinations. These sites can gradually increase ticket prices by collecting this information, and the more people repeatedly search about it.

how to find a cheap flight
Denver International Airport

However, there is a simple way to avoid these tricks used by most booking sites. The easiest way to remedy this situation is to use incognito mode or private browsing modes available in all the web browsers. Using Incognito mode or a private browsing mode, the cookies or information on your web browsers cannot be misused by these sites to inflate the prices. Furthermore, the cookies stored on the web browsers are reset every time a new incognito or private tab is re-opened. Hence, it is highly advisable to close all the incognito and private tabs for a clean start whenever you search for prices of new flights to erase information regarding previous searches.

Find the cheapest month and day to fly.

One of the lesser-known tricks to finding the cheapest airfare available is to find the cheapest month and the days to fly in. You can easily do this by checking the added feature available in most of the search engines. The search engine and booking site keep track of the sales and the ticket price, easily accessed on the website. By viewing it, passengers can gain vital information regarding which days and months have the cheapest flights available. Planning a trip around this can cut costs and save money. However, this can fluctuate between different months and days.

 Another way to do this is to fly during the seasons where there is less traffic of passengers pouring in specific tourist destinations. Ticket prices during peak season can increase significantly. For that reason, you should plan your trip with this in mind. Prices of tickets can also increase during the holiday seasons. Flying during the weekdays can also be less expensive as most people tend to fly during the weekends. 

It is also important to remember that early morning flights or night flights are generally cheaper than daytime flights.

Earning points for free flight

 Many reward-based systems offer free flights by earning points. A frequent flying program and other travel-based reward systems can be used. Signing up on one of these programs can earn you free flights. However, a program like a frequent flyer club or mileage club is only useful if you are a frequent flyer. There is also another reward system like a rewards credit card that earns points based on the card’s use on purchases.

Nevertheless, a reward system like this usually has a minimum spending limit before you can redeem these points. Earning these points also have additional perks. Airlines offer different services, such as complimentary hotel stays and other travel perks. Seat upgrades, welcome bonuses, access to events, and airport lounges are also available. 

Make use of budget airlines for a cheap flight to any destinations

 Using budget airlines can be one of the most cost-effective methods for flying to your destinations. Budget airlines usually fly cheaper than their counterparts but at a compromise. It usually means lesser legroom and lack of complimentary meals and drinks. It is also essential to keep track of the offers and specials by using social media like face-book and twitters.

how to find a cheap flight to any destination

Hence, it is essential to keep budget airlines as an option as you plan for your travel. However, it is vital to keep the fees that these airlines charge in mind. Budget carriers often charge fees for carry-ons, checked bags, and everything. While the ticket price may be lower, adding up the fees and the ticket price is vital to gauge the total cost.

Picking different flight routes

 Sometimes it is cheaper to fly to your target destination from different places than a direct route from your hometown. It requires a bit of research and planning, but it can save money and be significantly cheaper. It is usually best to compare how much it would cost a direct flight against how much an indirect flight route would cost. 

 You can also shop for the best deal on the second flight to your final destination after the first flight. It gives you the chance to choose a better and cheaper flight. As some airlines have cheaper fare than others, it is also cost-effective to mix two different airlines. However, there are few obstacles to this if you book the two flights at the same time. You would need to plan for a free period between your two flights. It is done to avoid missing the second flight in-case of any delays to your first flight.

Keeping an eye out for special deals and offers

Most Airlines do tend to offer some form of special deals and offers for their passengers. These deals are usually only available for a limited time frame, but it can be cost-effective. For this reason, it is crucial to follow the news from different airlines. Signing up for a number of the newsletter and following these airlines in social media is an effective way to keep track of these exceptional deals. Most airlines tend to post these special deals on social media, so landing one of these deals can save you money. Flight search engines and booking sites are also great for searching these deals. However, these deals may not fit the destination of your choice. There is also a chance of missing out on these deals.

Most airlines also provide student discounts, which can range from 20-30%. It can be quite useful for a student traveling to different destinations. It is also vital to remember that this discount can transfer over to the partner airlines.

Tips and tricks to finding a super cheap flight to any destination

Booking tickets individually

 When traveling in groups with family or friends, ticket prices can be slightly higher than individually booking the seats. Hence, it is not advisable to book multiple tickets at a single instance. Airlines or booking sites usually show the highest ticket price when you book for multiple seats in a single purchase. For this reason, it is always more beneficial to book tickets individually. You can always choose your seats in the checkout process so that your group can sit together. Moreover, even if that is not possible, this can save high costs.

Book with different currency

Different countries have different currencies. Some currencies are stronger or weaker than those from different countries. Sometimes this can lead to a lower and cheaper cost of the same ticket in a different country. It means that you would not need to make a compromise when booking the same ticket at a lower cost. However, this method is not consistent, but it is still available to exploit.

Book the tickets at the right time

Early booking of the tickets can usually be cost-effective. Usually, it is much cheaper to book the tickets earlier than at the last minute. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you need to book the tickets months and months in advance. It would not help in saving costs. The best time to book the tickets for your flight would be about three months or 6-8 weeks in advance. Around this time, airlines tend to change the price of the ticket according to the demand. Booking too far or too late can be costly. This tip is just a general guide, as there is no way to accurately predict the price change.

However, during some instances, ticket prices can decrease in price near departure time. It happens because some passengers tend to cancel their reservations. Airlines usually offer these seats at a much lower price to fill the open seat in a limited time. However, this can be very rare and inconsistent, so it is not advisable to wait until the last minute.

Look out for airline error and sale fares.

 On certain occasions, Airlines can make mistakes regarding the prices of the airfare. It can lead to a considerable cut or discount on the prices of the tickets. It usually occurs due to various reasons such as technical glitches, a mistake in currency conversion, and human errors. Taking advantage of this airline error can save you hundreds of dollars on airfare tickets.

There are many search engines and sites available for passengers to use and find the cheapest fares. These sites dig through the internet to find these errors every day. They collect and combine all of the sales pricing mistakes into their site, making it easier for people to access it. Some of the search engines and sites dedicated to searching for Airline errors are:

 1. Scott’s Cheap Flight

 2. AirFare Watchdog

 3. Secret Flying

 4. Jack’s Flight Club (For United Kingdom)

Hidden city ticketing

Airlines typically fly flights that have layovers over different locations. This trick takes advantage of the different layover destinations that the flight goes through. Individuals can book flights that have layovers at their target destinations. However, instead of flying the complete route, they get off at the layover destination. It is usually done when flights that have layover destinations are cheaper than a direct flight. However, this trick or method has its pros and cons. Flights with layovers as the target destination may be lower in price, which allows the passengers to save money. However, this means that any luggage checked into the flight is directly shipped into the final destination. Because of this, passengers using these tricks are only limited to carry-on bags. Another drawback of this method is that certain flights will not allow passengers off the plane during the layover.

Furthermore, this method’s restriction is that passengers can only book one-way tickets as the return flight can be canceled due to multiple reasons. Many search engines like Skiplagged allows individuals to search for these types of flight. However, people should understand and accept the risk associated with it.

Buying tickets in bulk

 Flying a two-way flight can generally be cheaper than flying two one-way flights. For this reason, buying tickets in bulk can be a great way to get a better value for your money. However, this method is only applicable to a single airline and or its partner airlines. Using this method, you can also take advantage of multi-city flights that go through multiple destinations. Instead of booking a one-way flight to multiple destinations, this allows passengers to save money.

Airlines also typically offer regional passes and “round the world” tickets. These tickets allow passengers to travel around the country or continent or even the world at a much discounted rate. Passengers should check out the cost of each flight and compare the prices. Multi-city flights and return flights may not always be cheaper than a one-way flight. Skyscanner is a great search engine to compare these prices.

Check the official Airline websites

Sometimes the best and the cheapest options can be found on the official sites. Most of the third-party booking sites tend to take commissions for the sales from the ticket price. For this reason, it is always beneficial also to check out the official websites alongside other third-party sites and search engines.

Pick and choose the Airport

 Not all airports share the same price ranges for their flights. Many major cities and destinations have multiple airports available. So it is beneficial and cost-effective to check and compare the price range of different airports. It is not limited to a single city, either. There are many available options for taking airports present in a different city, which offers a cheaper option. A simple bus fare can allow you to travel to an airport in a different city and save hundreds of dollars.

Transit flights

A direct flight to the final destinations are usually much more expensive than a non-direct flight. For this reason, picking a flight with stopovers and transit is a great way to cut costs and save money. It also allows for a quick and refreshing break on the transit destinations.

Pick the cheapest destination to fly.

While taking a pleasant and relaxing vacation in a popular tourist destination spot sounds nice, it can be quite expensive. Being flexible in picking the destination can save you hundreds of dollars in flight tickets. Choosing a cheap yet good tourist location can help save money while still providing a relaxing vacation. There are many search engines and site which help to locate the cheapest destination to travel so that you can find the cheap flight to any destinations.

Book cheap flight to any destinations You want to be

Booking a flight to a place of your choosing can be a bit expensive, depending upon the destination. Tickets to many tourist attractions and other major destinations are usually more expensive. It means that you might not always be able to afford a ticket to your dream destination. However, it is not impossible to get flight tickets at such destinations at a much affordable and cheaper rate. There are multiple methods and tricks available to accomplish this, such as:

  1. Book flight during off-seasons and avoid peak seasons
  2. Make use of different search engines to find the lowest price to your dream destination.
  3. Sign up for the newsletter for different airlines for any special deals
  4. Follow airlines on social media for special offers and deals.
  5. Make use of local and budget airlines but always compare the overall cost.
  6. Make use of different tips and tricks such as Hidden city ticketing or any airline errors.
  7. Buy multi-city flight tickets to explore multiple destinations at a much cheaper rate.
  8. Always compare the cost of one-way flights and two-way flights.
  9. Make use of different airports for arrival and departure to save money.
  10. Sign up for Frequent flyer program or Mileage programs to earn free flights


Traveling is a hobby common to most people, and it is also vital in the business industry. Traveling can be expensive, and people spend hours and hours trying to find the cheapest and affordable deals. Using the methods and tips for a cheap flight to any destinations given above, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars and save yourself a headache.

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