How to identify the difference between Airbus and Boeing

How to identify the difference between airbus and Boeing? How you can distinguish between an Airbus and a Boeing, as a passenger. An aircraft looks more similar these days and often only pilots, aircraft spotters, and aviation personnel can quickly recognize almost every type of aircraft from the ground or in the air, but it isn’t that easy for the rest of us who love aviation but don’t spend hours studying the differences.

So I’ll give you a couple of simple visual references today which will assist you identify the difference between airbus and Boeing. This articles has been extracted in assistance from Capt Joe offical video.

Let’s start with windscreens at the cockpit. Looking both at Boeing and Airbus planes, from either their short-haul or long-haul fleets. You can mark a slight distinction in the shape of a Windows flight deck, particularly the Windows side. You should take a look at the Airbus side window, you’ll find that the windows are almost square-shaped, and at the right angles. You’ll see the side windows converts in a V shape compared to the Boeing, with the windows being much more angular than the airbus. Throughout this Boeing fleet, this V shape is continuous as one of the quicker ways that will help you spot the difference.

difference between Airbus and Boeing

A second visual clue indicating the difference between the two prominent manufacturers compared an Airbus’ aircraft Nose to a Boeing. This may have noted this before but airbus seems to have a much more rounded nose compared to the pointy nose of Boeing, which is more in the shape of a triangle from a side perspective. In the sense that Boeing is much sleeker in form while the Airbus is more rounded.

Boeing 737 & Airbus A320

Depending on what view you have of the aircraft. Another easy way to quickly spot the difference specifically between and Airbus from the A320 family and the Boeing 737 is taking a glance at the shape of the engine. A closer inspection is very different in the form of the engine cowlings. Airbus is almost completely circular in shape. For the Boeing, though, you can see that the engine’s bottom is not properly round, and almost flat. We can also see that the Boeing 737 ‘s engine has very little ground clearance, relative to an Airbus. The Boeing’s configuration means the aircraft’s underbelly engines lie far lower to the ground than an Airbus.

difference between Airbus and Boeing

This is down to the design of the landing gears in both aircraft and in fact, the more recent design has caused Boeing to completely redesign the landing gear for the new Boeing 737 Max. With the rollout of the new A320 neo fleet, Airbus really don’t have this issue and allowed them to use much larger engines that were also much more powerful without worrying about minimal ground clearance.

Boeing 777 & Airbus A330

Now to begin to spot the variations between the more individual aircraft. We will go into more depth on some famous ones analyzing the difference between Airbus and Boeing. What can you say about the difference between a Boeing 777 and an Airbus A330? And now the size and shape of a similar fleet are identical and some airlines fly both aircraft, so how do you tell them apart.

Now, by looking at the number of wheels and recalling the simple quote a Boeing 777 has a triple bogey, look at the main gear portion of the Airbus A330 and you know that it just has a double bogey, one very easy way to distinguish these. Yet don’t get mixed up with the older A350-1000, which also has a triple bogey. To do so you just have to look at the wingtips to see those amazing new curved sharklet Airbus A350 that the 777 doesn’t come with. Airbus has Sharklet, and winglets for Boeing.

On the other hand, one thing the 777 certainly isn’t missing is engine size. These things are completely massive and soon to be launched into the market with the latest 777X. The biggest and most powerful commercial engines ever produced in history will take off into the sky. The fuselage of a 737 will fit within the engine of a 777X to put that in perspective.

Boeing 747 and Airbus A380

The best way to see the difference between Airbus and Boeing is by looking at the upper deck. We can see that all 747 models have the prominent hump that makes up one-third of the aircraft as a comparison to the full-length upper deck of the Airbus A380. Also, if we want to spot the difference between a 747-400 and a 747-8 just checked the 400 has winglets and the – 8 doesn’t also the -8 is a little bit longer.

The Boeing 757 is often referred to as the flying pencil and it isn’t hard to get wrong. Skinny, A single eye fuselage, and those strangely high landing gears give it its famous name, but what about her sister 767. 767 is very often mixed up with the Airbus A330. The simplest way to distinguish the two of them is by watching them both land. You’ll notice that the landing gear of the Airbus A330 tilts backward and with the Boeing 767, being one of the rare aircraft to feature a forward tilting landing gear. Now to add the Airbus A330 has this small sharklet that comes off the wing at a 45° angle. The 767 often doesn’t have any winglets, but if she does. They are humongous and are at a 90° angle to the wing. So keep your eyes out for that when you boarding your next trip.

Nepal Airlines Boeing 757 9N-ACB

If you’re struggling to see the difference between Airbus and Boeing brand-new superefficient twin-engine long-haul jet like the Dreamliner of the Airbus A350. If you have a good side view on both of them.

Photo: Chevron nozzle of Boeing 787. Credit:NASA

You will immediately see the Dreamliner’s famous Chevron nozzle at the rear of the engine cowling. Those curves are not just good for looks. This helps to reduce the overall noise of the engine. The newer A350 doesn’t feature this design has managed to reduce its noise level by other means. So some of these mentioned features will help you identify if you are identifying on an Airbus or a Boeing. Most of these features either aerodynamically improvements over the years, manufacturing required might be from technical aspects, noise reduction, enhancements, or just co-incidences.

Boeing Vs Airbus, which one you like?

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