How to Save Money on International Travel

The more you want to travel, the more you’re expecting for it to cost money, and when it comes to international travel, it can easily rack up a higher-than-anticipated bill.

While travel investment is always worth it for experiences and relaxing vacations, it’s also beneficial to save as much as you can. Here’s how:

Try to Avoid Peak Travel Times

Traveling will cost you more during peak times, such as during the summer holidays or school holidays. Many countries maintain warm weather throughout the year, so don’t be put off by traveling out of the summer season and saving a little money for the same experience.

Do your research on where you’re planning to travel and look into the weather and seasons for out-of-peak times. It’s also important to double-check when attractions and stores are open during your intended time of travel, as some may actually close outside of peak season.

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Weighing up the pros and cons and saving money where you can is always a good idea.



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Always Compare Flight Prices (including Time of Flight)

If you’re not extremely fussy about your flight plans, such as day, time, or duration, then comparing flight prices to find the absolute cheapest option is a must. You might be able to get the same flight for cheaper simply because it’s on a different day of the week.

Planning ahead for comparing flight prices is always beneficial, as you may be able to grab a cheaper deal depending on how far in advance you book, or you may even be able to get flights at a cheaper last-minute price.

Create Your Own Itinerary in DIY Fashion

It’s easy to spend a lot more money if you depend on pre-arranged tours and itineraries. While this can make it a lot easier for you if someone else does all the planning for you and benefits from local expertise, it can also become expensive.

If you’re confident and comfortable making your own itinerary, do your research and plan your own stops and sightseeing without paying extra for group tours or expert knowledge. There is a lot you can do alone as long as you plan ahead and ensure safety.

The best type of holiday to do this is also something that allows you freedom on foot or by car, such as a flight and transport rather than an international cruise with a regulated itinerary.

Make a Plan for Your Spending Money

Spending money for an international trip isn’t just about booking your travel and accommodation. An excessive amount of money can be spent if you don’t have a plan to spend while on vacation. Especially if you’re using a credit card abroad, you won’t be able to easily keep track of your spending. Not only that, exchange rates can make it harder to understand fully what you’re spending concerning your own currency.

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A good way to maintain control is to have a strict budget and take only that amount with you, so you’re not tempted to pay on a card and rack up an extra bill. You can ensure security for your money, such as zipped pockets and a safe in your accommodation if you’re traveling with cash in this way.

The bonus of doing this, too, is actually having money to spare at the end of your trip if you haven’t spent as much as you thought you would. As you already budgeted for the full amount, you then have the no-guilt freedom to do what you wish with it: put it into savings for your next trip, donate to a charity, or even indulge in last-minute airport spends.

Do More in Less Time

While it’s always important to give yourself enough breathing space to rest when traveling, it’s also a good idea to plan an itinerary that optimizes what you can do in a certain amount of time. This could count with good route planning if you’re taking a road trip so you can see and do everything in the shortest space of time. This will ensure you can still fulfill everything you want to do without paying extra for accommodation and food for days that you’re simply using to hang about or waiting to pack and return home.

Final Thoughts

Saving money is a lot about taking the time to plan and compare options. When done properly, you shouldn’t have to make any sacrifices when it comes to your dream vacation.

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