How to shop the travel products from Kameymall

Kameymall is a cross-border e-commerce platform that was created by Chenjia Trading Co. Ltd. The cross-border e-commerce platform, which is identified as the ‘International version of Taobao’ by the majority of the sellers, was created for the international market. The large-scale English online shopping website dedicated to overseas buyers has adapted to the commission system. Kameymall collects the margined commissions only after both buyer and sellers have successfully completed the transaction.

How to shop travel products from Kameymall?

Step 1: Create an account from the ‘Join Member’ option

Step 2: Get the coupon on the front page or search for the products you need directly from the search bar.

Step 3: After choosing the specification and quantity of the travel product, click ‘Buy Now.’

Step 4: Click select to add a new address and choose the shipping company and the mode of payment.

Step 5: If you have any coupons for the product, click the coupon to use it.

Step 6: Click ‘Pay Order’, input your payment method, and order information to pay.

If the shoppers don’t want to proceed with the transaction, they also have the privilege to close their order, or in case if they have any queries, they can simply click the ‘Customer Service’ for consultancy.

Customers can easily register on Kamyemall by clicking on the ‘Join Member’ option at the homepage. With a simple process of verifying the email address through the new membership portal, the clients can start shopping immediately. Here is a detailed step to create an account in Kameymall(Click here).

For the checkout procedure, the shoppers will have to put their personal information like first name, last name, phone number, street/house number specifying the country, state province, city, and zip code. It is an important and delicate process as the products will be delivered to the specified location, so even slight mistakes can create complicated mishaps. The shoppers can use the various modes of payment like Paypal, Visa, Master, or other cards to make the payment for the transaction.

Like any other online trading website, Kameymall also provides an order summary before the final transaction, which will list the chosen items in the car clearly enlisting the subtotal of the items, their shipping cost, and overall total cost at the bottom from where the customers can cancel or pay for the order. Here is official guidance by the Kameymall, which includes all the guiding steps for the checkout procedure(Click here).

Types of coupons at Kameymall

1. Discount on purchase

The shoppers can get different sets of discount coupon offers in their purchase depending on the product’s cost.

  • $20 off on US$300
  • $25 off on US$500
  • $40 off on US$1000

Also, the new users get directly $10 on universal products and services in the platform.

2. Promotion & discount

Kameyamll also practices different promotion and discount modules depending on the season, festival, or any special occasion. To top that, the platform also organizes flash sale activities from time to time to keep the customers engaged and happy. There are special offers if you purchase an air track mat from Kameymall.

How does the transaction work in Kameymall?

The cross-border online trading platform that collects its commission only after the buyers and sellers complete their transaction successfully keeps a keen eye on the users in the platform. Kamyemall moderates automatic and manual verification of seller identity and their business history and oversees the seller behavior in the platform 24/7, so the buyers are getting what they are promised without compromising the quality of the products.

A standard seller in the online trading platform will upload the description of their products, including quotations and pictures, to the platform and prepare and ship the goods as mentioned after successfully finding a buyer.  The buyers in the platform pay after they receive the product, which is a unique process among the other e-commerce trading platforms requiring buyers to pay the price for the products upfront. In many of those online e-commerce platforms that practice upfront payment policies, many unsatisfied customers have complained they didn’t receive the product they ordered, or at the promised quality the deal was agreed upon.

However, the customers of Kameymall only pay for the products after they receive them; this process will give the clients enough time to examine the products and their quality, whether it’s on par with the agreed terms or not, eliminating the possibilities of scams. Kameymall has strict policies for dealing with the buyers who don’t abide by the commercial policy of the platform, and such dishonest seller accounts are immediately blacklisted and closed indefinitely. They will also be held accountable for compensating the buyers if the terms and conditions of the transactions are not respected.

The quality control system of Kameymall prevents frauds, illegal and counterfeit products from entering the platform; the quality control officer of the e-commerce platform inspects the products before the shipment to ensure the quality of the transaction. Not only that, the security system of the website encrypts the customer information to protect them from data breaches and leaks.

After the clients receive the products, buyers and sellers conduct trade settlements via various online transaction modes like PayPal, MasterCard, or others. The cycle takes roughly around 7-14 days.

Prohibited and restricted goods in Kameymall

Kameymall required the sellers to fully understand the prohibited and restricted goods policy before opening a store in the cross-border trading platform. I.e., the products that are allowed to be sold in countries like food-related pills or weight loss drugs are banned in Kameymall, although they are not illegal in different regions. So, the drugs and related supplies, medical-related products, guns and armory, controlled weapons, munition and explosives, police supplies, medical equipment, spy products, beauty and care products are prohibited by the Kameymall that sellers should abide by.

On the matter of restricted goods, the buyers need to obtain pre-approval, voucher operation, or authorized operation permits for the sale of such commodities. If the sellers don’t meet the required criteria and fail to show relevant legal license certificates, the release of the product is not allowed.

Kameymall also strictly prohibits the sellers from publishing and selling products involving third-party intellectual property rights without authorization. The sellers are also not allowed to sell the trademark infringed products without the trademark owner’s permission in the platform, i.e., the use of a trademark similar or the same to the approved registered trademark.

The cross-border online e-commerce platform is also strict on its copyright infringement policy; the users are not allowed to use other people’s work without their consent and perform other acts that harm the legal right of the copyright owner as stipulated by the law. Also, the use of patent infringement without permission of the patentee for the purpose of production and operation is illegal.

About Kameymall

The cross-border online e-commerce platform was founded in 2021, and as of now, the customers and buyers of this online trading platform have reached over 220 countries and regions. The fast-growing cross-border trading platform is a well-known B2C platform in China and has already successfully allied a large number of outstanding international trade in internet industry elites outspreading business reach on a large scale in a very short period of time. Kameymall is strongly committed to providing customers with high-quality, efficient, and fast services in partnership with the company’s high-quality professional international business team and internet research capabilities.

Kameymall, the professional cross-border e-commerce company, is based on R & D, production and sales. The cross-border B2C business model of the company integrates industry and trade covering different functions like sales, services, and many more with its strong logistic system and supply chain. With the goal of providing better and more convenient shopping channels for the consumer to enjoy comprehensive services, Kameymall makes it more efficient and easy for the customers to obtain product information and buy cheap and quality products.

At the moment, Kameymall’s scope includes sports shoes, clothing & accessories and, bag, and other products as the major components of the platform, mainly focusing on mobile communication, shoes & bags, zorb ball, beauty & health products, bikini, electronic appliances, computer networks, home furnishing, jewelry & watches, and even automobile accessories and lights & lamps.  Kamyemall performs transactions in different regions like Europe, America, Hong Kong, the Middle East, Taiwan, and Macao. The cross-border online trading company’s headquarter is located in Putian City, Fujian Province, China, and has a widespread branches network at different locations like Gaoxin District, Fuzhou city, and Minhou County.

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