How To Travel Long Distance With Cheap Flight Booking?

In fact, the more expensive flight airfare is, the chances you are not going anywhere. However, airlines these days have hundreds or thousands of amazing deals or special promotional deals to compete with other airlines. Cheap airfare deals are out there and all you need to do is find them. 

Travelling far destinations to explore variant cultures is one thought which every human being desires. But to fulfill it, airfare plays a significant role in travelling cost, i.e. finding a cheap flight deal is essential, just like selecting the right destination, the right backpack or place to stay.

But “how to find them?” 

Here I will help you with that; there are some steps which you can follow to avail cheap deals so that your travelling expense will not affect your travelling budget.

  • Stay Away from Cheap Myths

Firstly, you should understand that there is no trick or hidden way to find cheap flights. In fact, over the internet, you can find tons of myths to find cheap flights, but they are all lies. And here are the most common myth that is not entirely true:

  • Buying Airfare on Tuesdays is NOT at all Cheap.
  • There is no exact time or date for booking a cheaper flight.
  • You may have heard that “searching in incognito bring cheaper deals.” But there is NO proof of it.

The reason because the airline industry used advanced computer and algorithm to decide the price and to work on sales depending on the time of the year (Holidays, season, festivals), i.e. such tricks no longer work.

  • Stay aware of special deals.

I know that you really don’t want to mess up your inbox. But my friend signs up on mailing list either from airlines or search engines that aware you with last minutes discount or special deals which currently activated. It is one of the easiest ways to explore cheap flights.

So keep check of your emails. Why?

Because the Airline will do this for you, most the time, cheap flight deals are only there for 24 hours. If your inbox was not updated, then you might miss the cheap deals. 

It happens with me once, when I’m getting a round trip of Aeromexico airlines to Tokyo at just $700 USD(and it usually charge around $1500). Sometimes, you’ll even get offers or bonuses and deals that come with free business class tickets.

  • Don’t Book Too early.

It’s basic, the closer you get to the departure date the more rise you will experience in the airline fare. But there was a time, when Airline either increase or lower there fares, depending on the demand. If the demand is less than fare will drop and if demand is more (like in holidays) during that time fare will remain at peak.

So, don’t wait for the last moment and don’t book too early. Best time to book a flight is before 5-7 weeks of departure of the airline departure date. If you are travelling to your destination in the peak season, then I suggest you book tickets before 3 months.

  • Individually Search for Tickets.

Booking multiple tickets in a single booking might cost you more. Why? Let’s understand it with an example: You and your three friends are travelling together and searching for four seats. In such a situation, the Airline will align four seats together. 

And, it will display fare depending on the highest seat price. Like, if prices of seat 1 and 2 is $150, seat 3 is $300, and seat 4 is $400. So, instead of adding individual prices, the Airline will price those tickets $400. So, try to search ticket individually, so you to pay as per your seat. 

Sometimes, booking seats together might benefit you, why I’m saying this because sometimes airlines put discounts over a certain amount. In such deal booking tickets in one go will benefits you.

  • Don’t Forget Student Discounts.

In case you are a student, then there is good news for you, there are various discounts for you. Many flights these days provide student discount flight booking, and you can usually find 20 to 30% off on the basic fare. 

And it is only applicable for pursuing students. So next time, when you book your flight, keep your student ID with you. It will help you can avail good discounts.

  • Flying direct might cost you more.

Yes, flying direct might cost you more, so if you have enough time, then I suggest you book a flight with more layovers. But being flexible with the flight route is another way to avail cheap flight. 

These days many travellers instead of travelling direct, they travel some near about destination. And from there, book a cheap flight to their final destination. In this way, you have to travel more, but you can save a lot of money. But you have to check certain things.

When I’m travelling, first I check how much it takes to go directly to my destination. Then with the help of google flights, I check prices of flight to the nearby airport of my destination. And then nearby airport to the final destination. Now compare, if the difference is $150 or more than that I’ll opt the route. 

But while booking tickets on different airlines, make sure that there will be at least three hours difference between connecting flight. Using this method, you will find various routes and various airlines. Yes, connecting will push your travelling time, but it will also save you money.

At last

So now you understand how you can travel long distance cheap. But make sure that you keep yourself away from myths. And to book the cheap flight you can try these tips and book cheaper flight tickets. But do this only when you are flexible with date and time. 

Also, you can go through this blog “Try These Useful Tips” to learn some useful tips while you are on Airline. Rest, best of luck for your journey. 

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