HSN provides their verdict on latest Helicopter Scam news

Helicopter Society of Nepal (HSN) made serious concern about latest news on fake rescue scam during press meet held today. HSN hold press meeting today after recent news on national and international media made news highlight over malpractice by helicopter, trekking and hospital sector creating fake rescue scam.

Yog Raj Kandel, Secretary General of the association stated that the news article was irresponsible as it has been aiming to mislead and misguide whole Mountain trekking sector by stating unnecessary medical evacuation, deliberate attempt to make trekkers sick specially foreigners and criticized about deluding money from the insurance companies.

At the conference, he also stated that though there are some of such agents who have been working on such unethical activities with the intention of collecting short term financial gain, such misleading articles will make long term impacts not only on helicopter, trekking and other industry but also as a whole to tourism organization of the country.

The issue has been stated as very worrying issue for the helicopter society and also specified that the situation will be major disaster in Nepali tourism sector and will face significant loss of investment if the correct message is not given.

Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) has also formed investigation committee to check on such rescue work along with medical treatment of the tourists as well as trekking companies and others which has submitted the report to the ministry however the final report has not been published officially as the investigation is going on.

In the press meet, the secretary also informed on behalf of the helicopter society that they are all committed to provide full help to the Nepal Government and also ensure to provide safe and effective rescue operation.

On behalf of helicopter operators also he indicated that the helicopter companies are operating with high integrity, moral and with respect to rules and procedures of the country and exhibited that helicopter companies have been working persistently in various sector along with mountain evacuation and emergency rescue mission by offering quality, reliable and safe service.

HSN also requested government to take action against liable companies that have been doing such immoral work with necessary step as it will make negative impact on the tourism sector and also requested to not to completely believe over some international news. They also requested concerned stakeholders to resolve issues and also stated to make rescue flighty as declared by tourism department.

Helicopter operators had established their own association and separated themselves from Airlines Operators Association of Nepal (AOAN) following lack of initiation from AOAN to resolve fake rescue case last October.

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