HSoN decides to fly according to weight rather than number of pax; aftermath of Air Dyansty crash

Helicopter Society of Nepal (HSoN) has decided to operate helicopters on weight basis.

Previously, aviation regulatory body Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) had decided to remove a seat from helicopters operating in Nepal after knowing the helicopters carrying passengers haphazardly as per their study.

HSoN and CAAN had earlier decided remove the bench seat (seat beside the pilot) from the helicopters with the capacity of 6+1 seats with aim to reduce safety hazards.

On the contrary, HSoN now has decided to rather operate helicopter flights according to weight rather than number of passengers.

HSoN officials have suggested operating flights as per weight and has stated that helicopter pilots have well knowledge about standard weight which can operate in certain weather condition and can operate flight remaining within his rights.

HSoN and CAAN has been in frequent discussion and meeting since the Air Dynasty helicopter crash that killed 7 people including aviation minister Rabindra Adhikari and it has been criticized that the helicopter carried passengers beyond the standard practice.

CAAN has also instructed helicopter operators to strictly follow the flight regulations and keep a close eye on potential threat due to unfavorable weather. Frequent trainings are being conducted for pilots, engineers and operational staffs lately.

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