IATA urging to reinforce global commitment in aviation safety

IATA urging to reinforce global commitment in aviation safety

April 26, 2017

Aviation has become the safest form of long-distance travel due to the fact that there were over 40 million safe flights last year. Safety is the most mandatory part for aviation. IATA’s Director General and CEO said that aviation has become safest means of travel due to respect for global standards, cooperation and the value of data.

IATA (International Air Transport Association) Safety and Flight Operations Conference held in Seoul concluded that air accident investigations is the major area where global cooperation is needed. According to the air investigation data, only report of 300 out of 1000 accidents over the last decade were dispatched. The Director General also said, “We need to learn from an accident so, we need all states to respect the standards and participate in the investigation.”

IATA declared that the airlines did not consult them when the US and the UK banned electronic devices in the flights from the Middle East and North Africa. IATA advises governments to share and consult the decision they make and also support the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

IATA has also urged speed and innovation in an effective use of data to ensure aviation safety. The data generated from more than 100,000 safe flights each day can explore lots of information on aviation safety. Moreover, such data can assist to understand the next threat and challenges related to safety.

Data on use of drones around airports and their potential hazard to aviation is also vital for enhancing aviation safety. ICAO is set to produce standards for larger drones. Smaller drones used for recreational or commercial use also require some standard.

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