IFR flight at Janakapur successful, to operate night flights soon

Jankapur Airport is set to be facilitated with Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) technology as test flight at the airport with IFR has successfully completed.

The test flight was conducted on the newly established flight rules, Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in coordination with Buddha Air on Sunday.

Janakapur airport is now becoming the 7th airport to be facilitated with Instrument flight procedure. The airport will then be able to operate in low visibility and during hour of darkness.

CAAN along with the coordination with Buddha Air had established the RNAV (Area Navigation) to operate the airport at Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).

The flight was set to be initiated long ago and all the technical equipments, lights and other devices were installed however, some works delayed the work.

Airlines and CAAN technicians successfully made the test flight and now it is expected to take around 2 months of time to initiate IFR flight rule.

In the past, due to poor weather, flights used to be cancelled for a long period of time up to 16 days sometimes and now with the availability of IFR flight, the problem is expected to be minimized.

Previously, Honorable Prime Minister Mr. K.P Sharma Oli had inaugurated the night flight of Chandragadhi Airport Jhapa on 31st January. PM Oli took the first flight from Chandragadhi airport to Tribhuvan International airport to formally inaugurate and operate the night flight from the airport.

After Janakpur Airport features night flight operation, it will play a great role to cope with the growing air traffic management due to high flow of passengers and flight frequency.

Janakpur Airport which started its operation from 1960 still lacks adequate, efficient airport infrastructures and security for air passengers and the air port still lacks ambulance services for emergency purpose.

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