Illegal gold seized from US-Bangla’s aircraft in Bangladesh

Heavy amount of illegal gold was seized on a US-Bangla Airlines flight coming into Bangladesh from Kolkata Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport. Customer officer seized 4.6 kg of goal at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport on Sunday.

Nishad Shaha, a security officer of US-Bangla Airlines was on post flight check of the flight when he noticed the suspicious object (Gold) wrapped with tape inside the cabin.

The officer quickly informed authorities who came in and seized the taped object.  Airport security after wrapping out the tape found 40 gold bars inside which weighed 4.6kg in total, needlessly to say the gold was being brought into Bangladesh illegally, reported an airline officer.

Mr. Nishad was recognized by the airlines for his honesty with a reward for his outstanding finding.

40 gold bars is estimated to be  20.50 million Taka in worth.

The owner of the smuggled gold has not been recognized yet and airlines officials along with airport authority are working on the investigation.

Civil Aviation Authority from Bangladesh has requested airport authority to work on the findings.

Nishad was awarded letter of achievement by the CEO of US-Bangla Airlines Mr. Imran Asif.


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