Inactive Manang Airport causes locals to face major problems

Posted on by Diwas Pokhrel

Inactive Manang Airport causes locals to face major problems

The only superior administrative division in the western region: Humde and its only one Manang Airport has been inactive for the last three years. The government had also established and spent millions of rupees on reconstruction but are unable to properly manage to day to day flight operation since its last upgrade. The airport stopped functioning when the last upgrade work was completed, the airport runway was black-topped.

Addressing the situation to the Kantipur media, Samdo Lama, former chairman of District Development Committee, highlighted the unwillingness of government and any private airline company to recommence their services in the region. The airline companies refused to resume air service due to inadequate passengers and poor roadways.

Manang is also the main hub of Annapurna Trekking route. The locals are facing tough times due to prolonged non-functioning airport and demanding the airport must be resumed as soon as possible.

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