Inadequate visibility disrupts flight operation at Tumlingtar Airport

Flights in Tumlingtar airport at Sankhuwasabha has been disrupted and halted for a week following adverse weather condition. Airlines like Buddha, Yeti and Sita which performs daily flight have not been able to operate at the airport.

The flights are being cancelled due to visibility problem due to which more than 100 passengers are deprived of air services. Due to this, flights to Kathmandu and Biratnagar have not been possible.

Some passengers have used road ways to reach the destination while rests are waiting for the airport to be opened. Peoples who have already bought the ticket have also been using roadways with unfavorable conditions.

Mostly, sick patients have been affected by the airport closure stated officials at District hospital. Travelling through rough terrain using roadways will worsen the patient’s condition.

A minimum visibility of 5000 meters is required for an aircraft to safely land with Visual Flight Rule (VFR) on Tumlingtar Airport but since few days the visibility of airport has not progressed and is limited because of which no plane has been able to land there.

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