Indigo A320 aborted takeoff in Delhi on Friday due engine fire

Due to engine issues, Indigo Flight 6E 2131, an A320, aborted takeoff in Delhi on Friday. All 184 people on board were uninjured. After the second engine failed, the crew refused takeoff, and the plane stopped without incident.

Delhi IGI airport declared a complete emergency, after a suspected fire broke out aboardBengaluru-bound IndiGo airlines aircraft.

A Twitter user tweeted a video purportedly from the same aircraft, calling it a “frightening experience.”

According to an IndiGo statement, the takeoff was canceled, and the aircraft safely returned to the bay. It also expressed sorrow for the disruption caused to travelers.

“During the takeoff roll of an airplane flying flight 6E2131 from Delhi to Bangalore, an engine stall occurred.” The takeoff was canceled, and the aircraft returned to the bay safely. All passengers will be accommodated on a different aircraft. “We apologize for any disruption caused to travelers,” the airline stated in a statement.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has directed authorities to investigate the event and submit a report. “Concerned personnel at DGCA India have been ordered to investigate this and provide a report as soon as possible,” the ministry stated in a tweet.

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