IndiGo flight 6E31 missed an approach in TIA following the crack on the runway

Not a new problem in Tribhuvan International Airport, an IndiGo aircraft on its final approach for landing on runway 02 makes a go around after the pilots spotted cracks on the active runway.

According to the officials from TIA, the IndiGo Flight 6E31 inbound to Kathmandu from New-Delhi was forced to initiate a go-around at TIA and land on runway 02 following the runway crack. The Engineering Team of the airport are at the runway for inspection and are expected to continue the inspection for 15 minutes which will halt all the flights approaching traffic through runway 02, noted officials.

TIA from time to time suffers this runway incursion incident sometimes by the wildlife hazard and sometime with the runway crack although the security authority at TIA claims to have extended their workforce to the maximum level to prevent the runway incursion incidents. This shows how the concerned authorities are focused on a matter of a major threat in safety of aviation.

Currently the airport has a single 10,007 feet (3,050 m) concrete runway orientated 02/20. The runway 02 has precision approach indicators such as PAPI Lights and approach light but the runway 20 is facilitated with only PAPI lights.

The sole international airport of Nepal is not equipped with Instruments Landing System (ILS) however; it features VOR/DME. Nowadays, the airspace of Kathmandu valley is encountering huge air traffic problem.

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