IndiGo takes delivery of a new ATR72-600 on lease

IndiGo, the booming airline of India, has taken the delivery of its new ATR72-600 from GOAL (German Operating Aircraft Leasing). IndiGo will lease this new aircraft for eight years as a part of IndiGo’s regional fleet expansion. The low-cost carrier IndiGo has taken delivery of more than 28 ATR72-600s till now. To drive air connectivity to small regions of India, IndiGo has placed orders for these turboprops.

Goal (German Operating Aircraft Leasing) is one of the top 50 aircraft lessors globally, founded in 1998, and has traded more than 250 assets over these years. Specializing in creative, competitive aviation leasing solutions, it has delivered one ATR72-600, which IndiGo will operate under eight years lease.

IndiGo has rigorously increased its delivery of airplanes recently. As a part of the regional connectivity scheme, IndiGo received the delivery of its new ATR 72-600 and expending its effort to prepare ambitious development of its regional footprint. The ATR aircraft seeks to connect the cities that have not yet benefitted from air travel. The low operating cost of ATR will help IndiGo to build up a strong and large regional air network and offer affordable fares to the public. India is one of those countries where the domestic market represents a huge target market sector for airlines.

Why ATR72-600?

ATR aircraft are well-known for their modern cabin interior features ensuring a comfortable flight experience for passengers. They have outstanding operational and economic versatility on the small airfields. They are designed to land in rural and remote airport regions where infrastructures are limited. So, the operational management of IndiGo will be much more efficient with this aircraft. ATR aircraft is one of the most popular regional jets. As compared to other in-line production turboprops, ATR72-600s have 10% lower seat costs and 20% lower trip costs. The seats are thin, the overhead compartment is large, and there’s a LED lighting to ensure optimal passenger experience.

IndiGo is redefining air travel once again with its commitment to reliable air operation at regional levels, which have been devoid of such services and are exposed to exorbitant airfares. ATR aircraft is sustainable and is the ideal solution to offset carbon emissions. Burning up to 40% less fuel and having carbon emission less than 40% compared to a regional jet of similar size, ATR is an iconic regional aircraft with a new engine version, increased reliability, and efficiency, connecting the un-served underserved airport in India.

IndiGo prefers ATR72-600s to link air communities and execute their ambitious plans to develop business through a nationwide, regional network.  IndiGo’s plan to enter the regional market is still in phase, first announced in May 2017. The new delivery also represents IndiGo’s fleet development ambition with the addition of fuel-efficient and cost-effective ATR72-600s.

Despite an outrageous and sickening pandemic, IndiGo has recovered pretty nicely in the domestic sector. The steady induction of ATR72-600 will collaborate in IndiGo’s launching of regional operations. All of IndiGo’s ATR has a total seating capacity of 74, with a 2-2 seat configuration in an all-economy class.

The influx of new aircraft makes it look like IndiGo is not hit by the pandemic. IndiGo has the strategy of boosting cash from sale-and-leaseback deals through the new delivery of aircraft. Not only this new ATR, but about 262 out of 277 aircraft are also operating on lease from lessors worldwide. As Indian Aviation has rebounded slowly, IndiGo plans to continue new deliveries to increase its capacity. While IndiGo is retiring its aging A320ceos, it continues with the deliveries of its A320neos, which are more fuel-efficient. 

Leasing of aircraft by IndiGo

India has the potential of regional aviation as it encompasses millions of air population. For IndiGo, aircraft leasing remains the cornerstone as it is attracted to minimal cash burn through leasing. The Indian market is severely challenged on liquidity; leasing the aircraft is a fleet strategy of Indigo to remain in the skiers of India.

About IndiGo Airlines

IndiGo Airlines is a low-cost carrier of India established in 2005 with its first operation on 4 August 2006. India’s largest airline is its domestic market share, fleet size, and passengers carried. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, IndiGo Airlines flies to the extensive network of 87 destinations, 63 domestic and 24 international. Being a budget airline, IndiGo has chosen ATR72-600 to ensure sustainable and continuous air operation in many regional cities of India and keep the airline turbo-charged.  

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