Infrastructure of Rara Airport still not up to the mark

Talcha Airport at Rara has not seen its construction completed up to the mark as it has already been more than 14 years of operation. The airport is still waiting for the complete renovation and completion of its construction.

The airport which started its operation from 2060 B.S. has only got its runway blacktopped and majority of infrastructures are yet to be established. At present, the Rara Airport handles 2-5 daily flights conducted by Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), Tara Air and Summit Air.

The main setback of the airport at the current scenario is the faint security essentials as the airport lacks perimeter fencing. The security personnel at the airport premises act as the guarantee for the safety of aircraft operation. Due to the lack of airport perimeter fencing, the airport has been misused as path by locals and their cattle and other animals that may lead to serious accidents when an aircraft is landing or taking off.

According to security officials, out of required 15 there are only 12 security personnel at the airport and those 12 personnel have to perform a hard duty from morning to evening and have to perform tight duty in order to assist landing and departure of an aircraft.

Another problem at the airport is the lack of well facilitated Terminal Building. The officials at the airport have to work under a small hut like structure made out of wood. They have to work in difficulty with lack of technology equipment, manual device and internet service etc. Likewise, another huge problem at the airport is unavailability of telephone tower near airport. A tower at headquarter Gamgadhi works only in certain part rarely and doesn’t work inside the room.

Officials have requested for construction of fences, well equipped terminal building, departure building communication and internet service to high levels. They are also hoping for Nepal Telecommunication to establish a telephone tower near airport so as to be connected with rest of the country.

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