Initiatives started to bring Kamalbazar airport in operation

Local people have been demanding to bring the airport located at Achham district in operation from a long time.

Kamalbazar airport has been out of operation for more than a decade though Sanfebagar airport which is located at same district came into operation recently after 13 years.

Demolition of Airport tower in Maoist attack in 2058 BS was the main reason behind the closure though the airport was in operation till 2062 BS.

Patients and tourists have been facing a lot of problem after the closure of the airport.

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) was informed to construct the airport by itself as local government has no right in such project.

The joint meeting of four local level representatives of the Eastern Achham has informed about the decision taken regarding to bring the airport in operation.

However, Om Prakash Bista, head of Kamalbazar municipality argued to bring Kamalbazar airport in operation no matter of circumstances.

One of easiest and safest airport in Far western region of Nepal after Geta airport in Dhangadi, Sanphebagar had been providing service for emergency purpose. The construction work of Sanfebagar airport was initiated in 2024BS and came into operation in 2034BS. However, there has been no any initiation for operating Kamal Bazar airport till now.

Likewise, 7 domestic airports are out of operation since a long time. These airports remained out of operation during the armed conflict period and have not been able resume its flight operation due to lack of the government effort.

Patan airport of Baitadi, Gukuleshor airport of Darchula, Dipayal airport of Doti, Sanfebagar airport of Achham, Kamalbazar airport, Chainpur airport of Bajhang, Mahendranagar airport of Kanchanpur and Tikapur airport of Kailali have been out of operation.

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) assessed that all the closed airports are eligible for the flight operation. However, other airline companies did not provide air services after Nepal Airline Corporation (NAC) did not initiate to operate flight.

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