Installment of State-of-the-art weather radar in progress at Surkhet

Department of Hydrology and Meteorology has begun the installment of seasonal radar connection. The department has started seasonal weather radar connection with the aim of making the country’s seasonal information system world class.

The new weather radar will dispatch accurate and on time weather information hence, enhancing safe and effectual flight operation.

Mr. Rishi Ram Sharma, Director General of the department stated that department has started the process of three seasonal weather radar connections to modernize the seasonal system to Surkhet, Palpa and Udaipur for making seasonal information systematic and effective.

“The installment process at Surkhet has already commenced. The agreement has been already made and it will take around five months to complete the process” Mr. Sharma said. The tender process has been started to acquire land for Palpa and Udaipur, he added.

The radar will be installed in the Ratanangla of Surkhet, Siddhikot of Palpa and Namatar of Udaipur. The actual information will be received after the radar connections have been made.

Asian Development Bank is financially supporting for the construction of climate disaster management.

After the installment if radar, the right information will be received smoothly in time and will help to reduce natural disaster like flood and landslides. Radar collects season information as automated (automotive) with the real time. One radar coss around Rs 24 million.

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