Insufficient parking slot at TIA domestic parking zone – Chronic Problem


Domestic Airlines at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) dealing with inadequate parking slots for the their aircraft and dealing with numerous number of a problems due to the congestion of aircraft parked in the area.

According to Mr. Manoj Thakur, the Chief of Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC), the operating fuel tankers at the congested parking bay may result in accidental incidents or cause damage to the parked aircrafts anytime due to less space for movement of the vehicle. Also the distance between wings of the aircrafts is exceedingly negligible. Since the aircraft movement at the parking ramp is erratic, the situation directly represents safety hazard at the domestic area of TIA.

This is a very common complication for all the domestic airlines at TIA as a number of flights are affected by it. As Anil Manandhar, the Corporate Manager of Shree Airlines says, “There has been problem for all the corresponding domestic airlines in movement of the aircrafts which links to barriers for on time flights and high passenger complaints.” If there were ample space for aircraft parking, airlines would have comparatively bloomed in on their revenues as maximum number of flights could have easily been taken off at one’s convenience.

TIA seems to have been working on bettering their undertakings, but efficient and effective projects of TIA extension and enhancement must be expedited as soon as possible as this is an extremely problematic issue for the domestic airlines and TIA itself.

-Shreeja Shakya
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