International Civil Aviation Day and ten facts that make aviation interesting

International Civil Aviation Day- aviationnepal

International Civil Aviation Day and ten facts that make aviation interesting

December 7, 2016- Kathmandu

By Resolution A29-1, the 29th Session of the ICAO Assembly, held in 1992, affirmed 7 December of each year, starting in 1994, as International Civil Aviation Day to underscore and advance the reimbursement of international civil aviation.

The purpose of International Civil Aviation Day is to help stimulate and underpin worldwide awareness of the significance of international civil aviation to the communal and economic development, and of the exceptional role of ICAO to cooperate and realize a justly inclusive rapid transit network at the service of all mankind.

Chasing the horizon metaphorically and literally, aircraft fly around the world carrying travelers from one place to another with the safest provision and fastest way possible. Aviation connects every person, every industry and every part of the pervading patterns that makes society, country and the world what it is.

Aviation is a boon to every factor that exists and affects them directly and indirectly. Entrepreneurs and scientists have now even looked forward to carry passengers offshore to the other planets including intergalactic travels that we see in movies and imagine if such marvels can happen.

Here are some top ten facts about civil aviation that intrigues anybody thoroughly:

  1. The world’s civil aviation fleets in 2015 comprised 27,352 airplanes.
  1. At any instant, somewhere amid 500,000 and a million people are soaring in aeroplanes.
  1. The world’s airlines took 3.5 billion people an entirety of 4.1 trillion passenger-miles in 2015.
  1. The foremost scheduled commercial airline flight was on January 1, 1914 across Florida Bay from St. Petersburg to Tampa.
  1. In 2015, Heathrow was the world’s sixth busiest airport by number of passengers. It was beaten by Atlanta, Beijing, Dubai, Chicago and Tokyo.
  1. The first airline meals rate three shillings on a London to Paris flight in October 1919.
  1. In 2001, Triumph International launched the Frequent Flyer’s Bra as the metal in conventional brassieres had been setting off airport detectors.
  1. The world’s smallest commercial runway is on the Caribbean island of Saba. It is only 400 meters long and is too petite for jet airliners.
  2.  A Boeing 747 Jumbo jet weighs as much as 67 typical African elephants.
  3.  The word “air-port” dates back to the 1780s when it meant a ventilation window in a ship.

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