International flight schedule for 11 September 2020

As per information, the International routine and charter flight information via Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, of September 11, 2020 are as below. The schedule given is indeed liable to interpretation as decided by the air carriers in consideration. Both arrival and departure are from Tribhuvan International Airport in local time.

AirlinesDepartureArrivalDeparture TimeArrival Time
Nepal Airlines (RA-2455)KTMDEL02:25-
Nepal Airlines (RA-2376)BAHKTM-07:40
Nepal Airlines (RA-2456)JUBKTM-21:55
Himalaya Airlines (H9-891)KULKTM-08:00
Himalaya Airlines (H9-567)KTMAUH22:05-
Himalaya Airlines (H9-5631)KTMDOH22:40-
Fly Dubai (FZ-8351)DXBKTM-15:00
Fly Dubai (FZ-575)MCTKTM-18:35
Salam Air (OV-427)MCTKTM-14:00
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