International pilot dead while performing ‘Paragliding’


International pilot dead while performing ‘Paragliding’

January 24, 2017- Sarangkot

An international solo paragliding pilot was found dead while performing paragliding.

The 68 years old Michael Peter Blanchard was flying from Sarangkot, Pokhara when he crashed into a tree.

Mr. Peter had arrived in Kathmandu from London on 21st of January and on 22nd , he took permission for flying solo from the Civil Aviation Authority, Pokhara and while flying, he crashed and was taken to Metro City Hospital where he could took his last breath while treatment on Sunday.

Mr. Peter has flown about 100 to 200 meters far from Sarangkot.

Previously, about six solo pilots were dead in such paragliding incident.

This event has invited criticism towards the aviation authorities who have recklessly given permission to the international tourists and flyers for flying solo.

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