Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson launches New Airline

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson launches New Airline

Lead singer of rock band Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson who is also an aviation enthusiast has unveiled his plan to expand his Cardiff Aviation; an airline maintenance service facility on the 1st day of Paris Air Show, by launching their own new ACMI airline. Dickinson got his pilot’s license in 1991, started gaining experience over time and also began flying during their rock concert tours. He quotes, “Engineering stimulates the mind. Kids get bored easily nowadays, they have got to get out and get their hands dirty; learn about things, create things, disassemble things, fix things. When the institution can offer that, you’ll have an engineer for life.”


Cardiff Aviation was just initiated a year ago with a joint venture between Bruce and Mario Fulgoni, a captain and airline executive. The maintenance facility is based in St. Athan, Wales, UK. He is very excited about their growth which will now create many new jobs (for about 80 people) and business opportunities. The company is now working to acquire EASA operating license. The first aircraft to run under their operations will be 737-400.

Cardiff Airlines has already started partnering with other airlines mainly Air Djibouti to build new national carrier for the African country. Their radical new approach to aviation will allow companies and nations to quickly set up airlines with EASA-class agreement and ability. The AOM (Airline’s operational management) is to be supported by the cloud-based operational management software from Centric Total AOC (Air Operating Certificate), which offers simple, efficient and paperless alternatives for AOC documentation routines.

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