Irrevocable loss of National Hero Pilot Colonel Kailash Gurung

June 12- 2017

It is a matter of frustration for us to unfortunately lose Pilot Colonel Kailash Gurung, one and rare piece of diamond Nepal and its army ever had. The country lost its brave savior in the tragic Nepal Army crash at Bajura Airport.

Kailash Gurung stepped for first time in this world in Chinamukh, Bhojpur as a son of Nara Bahadur Gurung and Ganesh Kumari Gurung on December 29, 1970. Talking about the educational background, Gurung completed his Masters in Public Administration whereas his aviation career initiated after entering into Nepal Army’s service as he gained all the piloting maneuver skills from United States of America.

He was married to Mrs. Sabitri Ratna Rana Gurung (Lt.Colonel at Nepal Army) and both were happy parents of two daughters; Bibhuti and Kaberi. Besides he is the youngest sibling of two elder brothers and three sisters.


His 28 years of dedication towards the nation and army service proved him to be loyal, brave and a true nation builder. As a Colonel Pilot, Gurung had operated majority of crucial missions and relief operation laying his life in jeopardy. Maximum relief operation during April 2015 Earthquake was led by him and his team mate. Colonel has always been admired by his juniors at Nepal Army and civilians. His senior praises him till today for his bravery and dedication towards the nation.

He was the first person to deliver a vehicle to his homeland via helicopter. On top of that, he was more than just a Nepal Army pilot. Colonel was beautifully decorated with poetry and song creation dexterity. He was the chief editor of The Aviation Journal, a yearly magazine publication of Directorate General of Army Aviation.

The majority of poetry and songs created by Colonel Gurung reflect intense patriotism, national landscape and culture and tradition, lyrics and rhyme. Moreover, he presented intense love towards nation by his devoted works and artistic creations.

Though the country today holds 3 crore of citizens but rarely owes an individual like Colonel Gurung who was dedicated and devoted for prosperous Nepal. Country is saddened with the tragic and untimely dismissal of its brave son.

Pilot Colonel Kailash Gurung, proudly entitled as ‘DHARTI RAKSHYAK’ crafted his final ever creation at Surkhet which goes like this:



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