Is It Air Hostess Training or Military Training?

Is It Air Hostess Training or Military Training?

One can easily get astonished when he/she hears about cabin crew training in China. Many people all over the world haven’t heard about chinese airhostess training. Passing out training isn’t a piece of cake. Many people compare chinese cabin crew training as military training.

Air Hostess Training - aviationnepal2 Trainee student who is eager to become an airhostess/airhost in China must have to face intense training of using and handling chopsticks and other material as well. Only, curriculum based knowledge, good figure and smile don’t matter in chinese cabin crew training. Trainees must learn how to balance a book on their head being on vertical posture. Similarly, they keep chopstick on their mouth to make their smile look more attractive and beautiful. They even need to hold A4 size paper with their knees keeping it between their two legs while standing on vertical posture.

Air Hostess Training - aviationnepal4

Air Hostess Training - aviationnepal3Despite these all, in china flight attendant profession is regarded as one of the glamorous and highly reputed career. Every year, thousands of male/female fill up forms for cabin crew training.

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