ISAGO approval to boost up Nepal Airlines service

Photo: Two different Livery of Nepal Airlines

ISAGO approval to boost up Nepal Airlines service

March 15, 2017-Kathmandu


Finally, good news arrives for the National Flag Carrier of Nepal. Nepal airlines now have been listed as the ISAGO (IATA’s Safety Audit for Ground Operation) certified organization at IATA.

According to our information, the flag carrier had proposed its name for the certification two years earlier but the approval was made only three days earlier via e-mail. Nepal Airlines is now waiting for the hard copy certificate of ISAGO to arrive.

Saugat Ratna Kansakar, M.D of Nepal Airlines reported us that the flag carrier had succeeded to impress International Air Transportation Agency (IATA) with its quality ground handling service to achieve the certificate.

He also added that Nepal Airlines is motivated with the approval and will now work more professionally in a more systematic way to achieve further success.

ISAGO has now increased the hope of Nepalese Aviation industry to earn its name with improving service.

Team members at Nepal Airlines are very much excited with the approval and are now the proud members of country’s only internationally certified governmental organization.

Though the airline was proposed for the certification two years earlier but the negative circumstances had compelled the airlines to succeed for the certification two years later.

According to the source, IATA had been inspecting the overall performance of the flag carrier’s ground handling service from a long period of time.

“We are now anticipating for EU to remove Nepalese Aviation from blacklisting and restarting its air connection with Nepal”, reported Kansakar. “Proposal has already been made and now it all depends on CAAN to satisfy European Council with its performance” he added.

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