Jammu airport closed after Air India Airbus A320 overshot the runway

June 9, 2017

Air India’s 23-year old Airbus A320 encountered a runway excursion at the small airstrip in Jammu, India today afternoon. The flight AI 821 enroute to Jammu from Delhi was carrying 140 people when it met an incident due to being unable to stop in time on the runway.

An airport official told, “The preliminary information is that pilots applied emergency braking too but the plane did not stop on the runway and overshot it. Four tires got deflated. Passengers were evacuated using emergency chutes.”

The airline in a statement declared that the passengers were evacuated immediately after the incident and all necessary precautions were followed. All passengers are reported to be safe however; detail report is yet to be obtained.

The critical for defence purposes Jammu runway is closed for other flights till the stuck aircraft is removed. All flights have reportedly been cancelled till the plane is removed.

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