Janakpur Airport gets a new look with the new terminal building

A new terminal building has been completed at Janakpur Airport in the Janakpurdham sub-metropolis, one of the oldest Airport in Nepal. After waiting for nearly a decade, it is clear that the building will finally be in service. At the cost of around Rs 500 million, the new terminal building design has been completed.

Passengers would conveniently reach all facilities from the current terminal structure, including clean water and parking.

The oldest airport in the nation:

The airport began operating on BS 2024. Janakpur Airport’s old terminal structure, designed by the Indian government to handle just one aircraft, is crowded and unorganized.

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The current terminal structure, which was launched as a regional airport according to the concept of developing Janakpur Airport, will now take on a new look.

According to the map of Indira Gandhi Airport in Allahabad, India, the construction of the terminal house, which is being built using modern technology for the first time in Nepal, has begun.

However, due to technical errors and a shortage of funding, it has not been finished yet. Murali Manohar, a member of the Janakpur Civil Society, claimed that due to the delays of the bodies involved, the airport’s building was postponed for years.

According to the airport workers, the building built at Janakpur Airport under the internal terminal building is a model In Nepal. The two-and-a-half-story house is designed on an iron frame.

Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Posta Bahadur Bogati, laid the foundation stone for developing the terminal building at Rs 180 million in November 2008.

An arrangement to complete the project within a year and a half was signed between the construction firm Pappu & NK Construction and the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) on October 1, 2012. However, the contractor firm had claimed that due to CAAN’s incompetence, and the job could not be completed on schedule.

Rs. 60 million was again added by changing the specification and calculation after the contractor postponed it. Another construction firm, Dheking Galba Uma & Co., began the construction by providing a sub-contract on the original contract to the local Ambe Builders after the work was not completed on time.

The burden on air travelers grew exponentially after Janakpur became the capital of Province 2. A state-of-the-art tower has already been built, along with the current terminal station. By demolishing the old terminal building that was flooded during the monsoon season, the Apron region was set aside.

Passengers are required to use the 52-year-old facility because of the shortage of a terminal building. Although the airline counter is in the middle, passengers must wait in a small building. At the airport, the runway and parking lot were widened and renovated.

Fuel, fire extinguishers, and X-ray equipment are also fitted at the airport. Nepal Oil Corporation has also placed fuel storage facilities in place at this airport, which has successfully checked night flights.

There were six regular flights to Janakpur and Kathmandu from Buddha and Yeti Air before the Corona outbreak, but now there are just five daily flights. Buddha Air currently operates three Janakpur flights, and Yeti Air operates one flight and one Shree Air flight.

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