Janakpur Airport to start night services soon; many features introduced recently

Kathmandu, ANN

Janakpur Airport in Dhanusha has expedited its preparation to introduce night operation capability in the airport. The installation of Runway lights during the up gradation of airport recently has aided landing aircraft. And it has also made the airport fully capable of night operations now. The night services would be started as soon as the airport get approval.

The airport has also recently acquired refueling bowser and added refueling facility in the airport. The operation has been eased since then and the airlines have started carrying more passengers because of fuel availability. Aircraft firefighting and rescue facility have also been added to the facilities in the airport.

Janakpur Airport Nepal

The airport has improved its security check in using the X-Ray machines. Trees on the final approach path have been cut down to ease the landing traffic. Airlines have increased flight frequency to the airport after the up gradation of the airport features. Previously Buddha Air used to have 2 flights a day in Kathmandu-Janakpur-Kathmandu sector and Yeti Airlines had been conducting single flight in the sector. Now both the carrier has increased additional 1-1 flight to the airport and the airport now observes daily 5 flights. The airport has seen increased number of passengers too after the airport has been upgraded. As a result of increase in flight frequency, the air fare has also been lowered now.

As the passengers are increasing, the terminal of the airport needs immediate up gradation too. The present terminal is barely handling the flow of passengers efficiently right now.

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