Japan and Korea delays flight approval for Nepal Airlines Corporation

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC)’s plan to operate its newly bought A330 series aircraft to Japan and South Korea is still uncertain as the carrier is currently blacklisted under European Union (EU). And both the countries have been delaying the approval citing out the EU blacklist issues.

The airlines have already received the slot to operate to Tokyo in Japan and Incheon in South Korea but the authority of respective country has not provided international AOC (Air Operator’s Certificate) to the airline.

CAAN has stated that as safety regarding aviation in Korea is very high, Korean officials will only allow operating after examining the aviation safety of Nepal. The Korean officials are willing to visit the country to examine the safety audit and have already sent audit guidelines stated MoCTCA official.

The newly bought long-haul aircraft are currently operating to the corporation’s existing destination as other countries have not allowed the permit. The aircraft which are designed for long-haul flights are currently conducting short-haul flights to Delhi and Bangalore.

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