Japanese army Apache helicopter crashes into house, two dead

A combat helicopter Apache AH-64D of Japan Ground Self-Defense Force crashed in a residential area in Saga, southern Japan, setting at least one house on fire. Emergency services are on the scene after the Apache went down over Kanzaki City.

The chopper crashed in a house located 4km south of Metabaru Airbase (RJDM). The reason for the crash, as well as possible casualties, hasn’t been reported yet.

Air traffic control at the Metabaru Base submitted the report to Defense ministry stating that the helicopter was flying in a westward direction when it came down and went up in flames.

A defence ministry spokesman told that there were two people on board the Apache helicopter when it crashed and both were found dead.

The helicopter had just undergone maintenance work and was being flight tested to ensure it was safe. It was being put through its paces after maintenance work.

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