Jet airways cancel flights

One of the oldest private airlines of India capturing large market is now in verge of bankruptcy and is cancelling international flights.

The airline has also cancelled its flight to Nepal as well. The airline operating around 3 daily flights between India and Nepal has now stated to operate only one flight. The airline had been operating only 2 flights for past couple of days.

Tribhuvan International Airlines (TIA) official have stated about cancellation of flights. However, the airline has not officially stated about the information. The airline has stated to halt flights for 4 days to TIA.

Jet airways had been operating with Boeing 737-800 max aircraft which has capacity of around 168 seats. The airlines had been deducting its flight destination as well as aircraft from its fleet.

The airlines had been in top list to provide service from TIA in past years.

Jet airways also have due of around 60 million rupees at TIA and TIA official had stated to collect the dues after the airline resumes its flight.

The airline is currently at loss of 1.1 billion and the airline is in verge of shutting down. The airlines had been in loss since 2018 and the closures of the airline can create a loss of 23000 job directly at current states.

As per airline official, the airline is facing internal problem with management and banking.

The airline was founded in 1992 and started its operation from 1993 with 4 Boeing 737 aircraft. In 2012, the airline became one of the biggest private airline of India.

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