Jet Airways co-pilot could lose license due to mid-air brawl

A Jet Airways co-pilot who was earlier suspended by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for allegedly slapping his female commander inside the cockpit of a London-Mumbai flight may lose flying license.

Previously, the airline has fired two pilots reportedly involved in a midair cockpit fight on New Year’s Day, when the pilot allegedly slapped his co-pilot during a London to Mumbai flight.

DGCA chief Bhullar had ordered an internal investigation and termed the incident as a “serious issue,” and also mentioned that both the pilots were out of the cockpit a couple of times and this is unheard of.

Action is only being taken against the co-pilot and not his commander, according to another DGCA official quoted in The Times of India report, because it is alleged that the lady commander left after being slapped. However, the investigation will examine her role as well.

The incident took place on 1 January, when the aircraft was over the Iran-Pakistan airspace, and was 2.45 hours away from its destination. The incident took place when the male pilot who has been working with the airline for over a decade had some “argument” with the female commander over some issues and they have had arguments in the past as well.

A DNA report put out the official statement of the airline which said, “a misunderstanding occurred between the cockpit crew of Jet Airways flight 9W 119, London – Mumbai of 1 January, 2018.

However, the same was quickly resolved amicably and the flight with 324 guests including two infants and 14 crew members continued its journey to Mumbai, landing safely.”

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