Jet Airways female crew member arrested for smuggling US dollar

A Jet Airways crew member was arrested for allegedly carrying US Dollar. She was arrested on Monday from New Delhi with US Dollar worth Indian Rs 3.21 crore, a Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) official said.

“US Dollars valued at Rs 3.21 crore recovered from a lady crew member of a Hong Kong bound Jet Airways flight last night at Indira Gandhi International airport,” said the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence in a statement.

The money that was recovered, which amounts to around 3m rupees, was mostly in $100 notes, an official from the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) reported.

The local media reported that the amount was wrapped in foil paper which the airport scanner was not able to detect easily.

On speaking to case, a Jet Airways statement said: “During an inspection by a DRI team, a large sum of foreign currency was recovered from an employee of the airline. The employee has been taken into custody. Based on the investigations and inputs from law enforcement agencies, the airline will take further action.

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