Jet Airways flight delayed following the hijack threat

Jet Airways flight 9W 825 from Cochin to Mumbai was averted and the flight was delayed for two hours after a passenger made a hijack warning.

The passenger named Clince Varghese told flight staff member that he was going to hijack the flight with a “Happy bomb”.  While the report said two passengers were detained, some reports stated only one passenger, who made the threat.

He was later handed over to the police. During questioning, he told officials he was expressing happiness to his friend in Mumbai on Facebook chat, the official said.

The incident happened at the time of boarding pass.  The flight was rescheduled after there was guarantee of being safe to take off.

“Jet Airways flight 9W 825 Cochin – Mumbai was rescheduled to depart Cochin at 14O2 hrs, with a delay of 2 hours on account of a security-related matter. The airline has informed the relevant authority of the same for further necessary action and has offered full cooperation as required,” Jet Airways said in a statement.

Sources have disclosed that the security agencies were pressed into action after an alert came from the boarding point as the two passengers were heard discussing about plans to hijack the flight.

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