Jet Set Go: Flights to Mammoth Lakes, California

California boasts extremely diverse geographical ranges, from the sizzling depths of Death Valley to the snow-clad mountains of Sierra Nevada. In the east-central portion of this vast state lies a calm and stunningly beautiful Mono County. The Town of Mammoth Lakes is one of the most exotic places in the County that many thrill seekers want to check off their lists. It is set on the edge of the Long Valley Caldera, immediately east of Mammoth Mountain. Taking flights to Mammoth Lakes is the first step towards putting your holiday over the edge.

Mammoth Lakes presents a wealth of outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, wild camping, dipping in the hot springs, hiking, etc. Enrich your alpine mountain experience by taking a vacation to Mammoth Lakes. Skip the drive and put convenience first by purchasing direct flights to Mammoth.

With so many exciting adventures awaiting you, it’s time to book flights to Mammoth Lakes and indulge in its natural wonders. This gorgeous destination is directly connected by airplanes from major population centers across the US. As there are two closest airports to Mammoth Lakes, you have the option of choosing any airport that is convenient to you. Mammoth Yosemite Airport (MMH) and Eastern Sierra Regional Airport (BIH) are two gateways to your wilderness vacation in Mammoth Lakes.

Flights to Mammoth Lakes: Airport options

As said earlier, two airport options exist for booking flights to Mammoth Lakes. Mammoth Yosemite Airport (MMH), located seven miles east of Mammoth Lakes, has scheduled passenger flights operated by Advanced Air. Advanced Air is the solo operator in the airport, ferrying passengers to/from Carlsbad, Hawthrone, and Burbank.

 Similarly, Eastern Sierra Regional Airport (BIH), located two miles east of Bishop, is served by United Express. United Express is a regional marketing brand of Chicago-based United Airlines, composed of six individually owned regional airlines.

Flights to Mammoth Lakes either land at MMH Airport or BIH Airport. So, let’s closely examine the flight options available in both airports.

1. Flying to Mammoth Yosemite Airport

Mammoth Yosemite Airport is a non-hub commercial facility that usually accommodates general aviation flights. Despite being largely a GA Airport, MMH also receives scheduled passenger flights from Advanced Air. Advanced Air is Los Angeles-based scheduled commuter and charter airline that primarily serves the airport seasonally during the winter ski season. The carrier takes pride in providing direct services directly from LA to MMH Airport.

Advanced Air’s direct flight service scraps the long drive up to the mountains so you can have more time for outdoor opportunities in Mammoth. The commuter airline offers a semi-private flight experience to Mammoth Lakes for the fall/winter season. Previously, Advanced Air used its 9-passenger King Air 350s to perform private charter service to Mammoth Lakes.

  • Flights from Burbank, Hawthorne, and San Diego-Carlsbad to Mammoth Yosemite

You can catch Advanced Air flights from Southern California destinations to Mammoth on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Friday. The winter flights are operational effective November 23, 2022, through April 10, 2023. The carrier has two turboprop-powered Dornier 328JET regional jets provided by Taos Air for operating the seasonal services.

Travelers can go from Burbank to Mammoth from Thursday through Monday. Flight AN 375 operates the nonstop 1-hour service from Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) to Mammoth Yosemite (MMH).

Similarly, flights from Hawthorne-Jet Center Los Angeles (HHR) also depart to Mammoth Yosemite on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Flight AN 395 operates the nonstop HHR-MMH flight for 1 hour.

Advanced Air offers a direct flight option if you want to embark on a Mammoth Lake adventure from San Diego, California. The regional airline connects McClellan-Palomar Airport (CLD), San Diego, directly to Mammoth Yosemite in 1 hour and 6 minutes. AN385 operates the four-weekly service from CLD to MMH.

  • Advanced Air fare policy

Advanced Air sells two types of fares to suit your travel needs: Refundable and Non-Refundable. The adult fare for non-refundable tickets is lower than that of refundable tickets. On either fare, you can bring two checked bags with a maximum weight of up to 50 lbs and one small carry-on of up to 15 lbs for free.

But under non-refundable fares, there’s a non-transferrable credit provision for 365 days from the booking date if the flight is canceled no less than 30 minutes before takeoff. On the other hand, refundable fare entitles you to the ticket refund upon canceling flights at least 30 minutes before takeoff.

Excess and/or overweight bags will be assessed on a case-by-case basis irrespective of the fare class and incur a $50 charge per piece.

  • Advanced Air Check-in details

 Purchasing Advanced Air’s flights to Mammoth Lakes is not enough; you should also be aware of check-in details.

If you are flying from Hollywood Burbank Airport, you must arrive for check-in one hour before takeoff. Advanced Airlines Check-In inside the Million Air Burbank Private Terminal lobby, not at the main commercial terminal.

If your departure airport is CLD, San Diego, you have to check in inside the airport’s main terminal. The check-in counter opens 1 hour before the scheduled flight and closes after 30 minutes. Passengers taking flights to Mammoth Lakes must check themselves and their baggage at CLD Airport no later than 30 minutes before takeoff.

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Last, you should arrive for check-in inside the Jet Center Los Angeles lobby if your departure airport is HHR. The arrival time is the same as other airports’ mentioned above.

  • More details about Mammoth Yosemite Airport

Spread over an area of 230 acres; Mammoth Yosemite Airport comprises one asphalt runway having a length of 2,314m. Airlines that previously served MMH Airport include Sierra Pacific Airlines, Wings West Airlines, Trans World Express, Sierra Mountain Airways, Horizon Air, etc.

Airplanes having more than 30 passenger seats can’t fly to this airport. Located in mountainous terrain, the airport often encounters weather issues like strong winds, turbulence, etc.

2. Flying to Eastern Sierra Regional Airport

If Mammoth Yosemite is unsuitable, take flights to Mammoth Lakes that land at Eastern Sierra Regional Airport (BIH). Besides MMH, BIH Airport is the next aerial path to your outdoor adventure paradise.

Owned by the City of Los Angeles, BIH serves the city of Bishop-the largest populated area in Inyo County, California. The airport accommodates scheduled passenger services of United Express for the Mammoth Area. SkyWest Airlines operating the United Express service on behalf of United Airlines, connects BIH Airport to key US hubs. St. George, Utah-headquartered regional carrier, started operating nonstop flights to Eastern Sierra on December 19, 2021.

Before this, SkyWest, as United Express, had centered its Mammoth Area operations at Mammoth Yosemite. It shifted all of the United Express services to nearby BIH Airport in December 2021 because of poor operational reliability at MMH.

  • Flights from Denver and San Francisco to Eastern Sierra

United Express’ direct flights to Mammoth Lakes keep your dream of having winter fun at Mammoth Mountain alive.

The regional brand of United Airlines flies seasonally to Eastern Sierra Regional Airport from Denver and San Francisco.

If you are traveling from San Francisco, you can find direct flights to BIH. Flight UA 5561, operated by a Canadair Regional Jet 700, offers a nonstop connection from San Francisco Airport (SFO) to Bishop/Mammoth (BIH). The flight duration from SFO to BIH is just 1 hour 31 minutes.

Similarly, you can also find United’s seasonal direct flights from Denver International Airport (DEN) to Bishop. A Canadair Regional Jet 700 performs flight UA 5259, flying nonstop for 2 hours and 21 minutes from DEN to BIH. You can find SkyWest dba United Express’ direct flight on the DEN-BIH route through March 25, 2023.

If you want to fly from Los Angeles to Bishop/Mammoth, you must take a one-stop connection. United links LAX to BIH with a layover at airports like San Francisco, San Diego, Reno, etc. Currently, no direct connection is available from LAX to Eastern Sierra Airport.

  • More about Eastern Sierra Regional Airport

Spanning 830 acres, Eastern Sierra Regional Airport accommodates three asphalt runways and two helipads. Three runways, i.e., 8/26, 12/30, and 17/35, have lengths of 1,697m, 2, 285m, and 1,707m, respectively. The helipads H1 and H2 have 12m (40ft) lengths and 30m (100ft).

Although United Express is the only airline serving BIH currently, many carriers have served it in the past. Airlines that flew previously to BIH include Sierra Pacific Airlines, Air Sierra, Alpha Air, etc.

Outdoor activities in Mammoth Lakes

Finding an affordable flight to Mammoth Lakes is critical in planning a trip to this ski destination. There are several action-packed activities to do in Mammoth Lakes that will bring out your inner daredevil. Make the most of the great outdoors by indulging in the following activities:

  • Skiing at Mammoth Mountain, home to 3,500 acres of skiable terrain
  • High-altitude hiking
  • Taking di at natural hot springs
  • Exploring lush forest landscapes
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