Jet2 Flight circles Newcastle airport for an hour

Jet2 Flight circles Newcastle airport for an hour

14 April 2016, Sumesh Shrestha – Yesterday, early morning a flight bound for Lanzarote that took off from Newcastle International Airport began circling the airport just few moments as it started climbing after takeoff. A Jet2 flight LS545 took off at 9:30 AM but straight away began its circling pattern over the airport at a constant altitude of 10,000 feet. The reports say the plane was burning highest amount of fuel as it was continuously maneuvering at that altitude. Though, this unusual event in Jet2 flight didn’t affect any other flights flying in and out of the Newcastle Airport.

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The crippled flight circled above the airport for almost an hour and finally at 10:30 AM after 1 hour after takeoff it got diverted to Manchester Airport. The plane eventually landed there at 11:20 AM. It was reported that the plane have “landed with assistance” but the airliner later said this was not the scenario.

A UK based real time flight tracking company tweeted, “Confirmation Jet2 #LS545 safely landed at Manchester runway 05R. We suspect landing gear or flaps issue”.

The plane landed at Manchester runway 05R while all the other flights are being vectored to runway 05L to land on the left runway only. A official told that the captain took the decision to get diverted to Manchester as a precaution due to an indicated fault with the landing gear. This operation was safe and all the passengers are safe after the safe landing of the aircraft. The passengers now wait for their transfer to another waiting aircraft. The officials also apologize for the delay on the passengers holidays start considering that safety is their absolute priority.


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