JetBlue completed proving flight between New York and London

The first proving flight for JetBlue between New York and London commenced today.  This morning, Jet blue’s Airbus A321LR, registration N4022J, touched down at London Heathrow Airport.

Photo from Flightradar24

About the JetBlue proving flight

Jet Blue Flight JBU9400 left New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport at 19:00 on July 12 and landed in London at 07:35 on July 13, 2021. The flight took 7 hours and 35 minutes and included a straight stop in London. Jet Blue has successfully completed its proving flight, with commercial flights planned to commence on August 11, 2021. The aircraft is schedule to depart New York tomorrow.

Why proving flight is necessary

The proving flight is a procedure used to demonstrate to the civil aviation authority that the aircraft will operate as specified by the manufacturer. The proving flight will evaluate various factors, including fuel consumption, cabin airflow, food service, and luggage loading.

Following a successful proving flight, the FAA will issue the airline an air operator’s certificate (AOC), allowing it to operate the aircraft in commercial service in the JFK-LHR.

The Airworthiness Inspector, FAA personnel, and other officials are permitted to board the proving flight. Authorities may examine an aircraft while it is in flight.

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