JetBlue flight to New York City was canceled due to pilots being “tapped out.”

According to a passenger, a JetBlue flight to New York City was canceled due to pilots being “tapped out.”

Initially, the aircraft was delayed many hours due to technical difficulties.

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“So the entire time, we were all keeping an eye on the aircraft to see whether it would continue to move!” According to Galvin-Almanza, a passenger.

When the aircraft finally arrived at the airport, she and other travelers were already on the jet bridge when they were told that the flight had been canceled due to the pilots’ fatigue.

“The pilots were on the phone and then seemed to be engaged in an extended argument with the gate personnel. The gate agent then returned and informed us that the aircraft had been canceled due to pilot fatigue.”

While Galvin-Almanza expressed relief at the news, she said that some passengers were irritated by the delay.

She said. “However, the other passengers were disturbed, and there were several loud exclamations of surprise.”

She said that she got concerned when it looked like the gate officials were pleading with the pilots to continue the trip.

“That concerned me much since I do not want to be on a flight with a tapped-out crew. I was afraid they might reschedule the trip and place me in a dangerous situation,”‘She said.

However, she said that the flight crew “stood strong.”

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