JetBlue Mint – The boldest product move made by JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue Mint is the premium product of JetBlue airlines offered on flights to/from the East and West coast of the U.S. It is also offered on some flights between the destination of the U.S. and the Caribbean. Airbus 321 aircraft of premium seat configuration consisting of the lie-flat seat is utilized for offering mint services to the passengers flying on premium class. 

JetBlue is a low-cost airline operating on a hybrid business model like North American Airlines and the only low-cost airline providing premium airline products in the U.S. For the first time, on September 30, 2013, JetBlue introduced its Mint class premium product on flights operating between New York and San Francisco and New York and Los Angeles routes, charging US 599 each way for mint seats.

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About JetBlue Mint Flight

The first mint flight took off the skies on July 15, 2014. This product came out to be the bold move of JetBlue, whose success not only outshone the company’s expectations but also possessed serious competition to other U.S. transcontinental markets. The flatbed seats and other four private suites with fares less than those of 3 U.S. network airlines: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines, attracted the passenger markets. Mint was the turning point for JetBlue’s performance around in U.S. transcontinental markets.

JetBlue Mint
JetBlue Airways Airbus A321-131 N986JB @ LAX Photo by: @spotter_airline

Before the Mint was introduced, JetBlue was underperforming on capital revenue on flights between New York and San Francisco, and Los Angeles. While American Airlines, Delta, and United had already introduced lie-flat seats on those sectors, JetBlue was left behind with the entire coach cabin. The economy class cabin was outdated and had become an undesirable product for those routes.  In such a scenario, JetBlue was left with the choice of either reducing its capacity or leaving the sector until the losses were fixed.

JetBlue’s premium Mint captured the transcontinental market, enjoyed the revenue premium, it shook up its competitors. Once famous Virgin America’s reclining first-class seats became obsolete as soon as Mint entered the market. Similarly, United Airlines were also made to pull out its premium service on New York, JFK to Los Angeles and San Francisco sector. The mint routes were served with new Airbus A321 aircraft, which had installed a Wi-Fi facility.

As the financial performance improved and garnered high yield business passengers, the mint flight began to expand. Caribbean routes, flights from JFK to Aruba and Barbados were to be provided seasonal mint services as announced by JetBlue on March 15, 2015. The mint services were to operate once daily and once weekly per destination during the summer and winter holiday seasons, respectively.

JetBlue bolstered the frequency of its Mint configuration from Boston to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and JFK during 2017 and 2018, and the Mint services expanded further to San Diego, Seattle, Fort Lauderdale, and Las Vegas City. JetBlue injects its premium mint services into some important transcontinental markets of Alaska and Virgin America during this interval. The Airbus narrow-bodied consists of a mint cabin, which characterizes 16 flatbed seats, out of which four are private suites.

In addition, JetBlue increased its mint services from New York to the Caribbean and Boston. The Caribbean mint service allows Mint aircraft utilization and earns extra revenues as some customers upgrade to Mint class services to kick off their holidays. Mint’s market performance has boosted JetBlue’s confidence in customer demand for premium products in new markets. The new planned routes of mint flights can usher passengers’ expectations whose needs are more diverse in domestic markets of the U.S. JetBlue has provided one of the topmost business class services on the domestic sector for which it has grabbed TPG awards. JetBlue has become a world-class airline with the capacity to compete with the best airlines in the industry.

The airline is further planning its long haul journey facilitated with new-generation products.

A321neo Mint is one of the finest business class offering flights within the sectors of the U.S. The passengers are delighted to enjoy their flight times onboard the latest Airbus jet with a commodious layout, convenient seat, a mouth-watering menu, and a wide array of in-flight entertainment (including live T.V.). JetBlue’s Mint is a premium cabin with a premium travel experience with the best seats one can find on an airplane. 

Benefits of flying on JetBlue’s Mint flight

There are extensive and spending advantages of flying on Mint class.

Comfortable seats

You will get the best seats in the JetBlue mint cabin as each seat can extend fully back to 6’8″, which comes with cushions. Mint cabin passengers will also receive a pillow and comforter for the flight.

Jetblue mint seating

Excellent foods

The solid menu onboard the aircraft is another perk of mint class. One can experience New York’s restaurant menus while on the flight. Chocolate opera cakes, Lobster, beef tenderloin, are some of the foods passengers can enjoy in this luxurious mint class.

Food served at JetBlue Mint

In-flight entertainment

 Live T.V.s, headphones, exciting movies, and T.V. shows are some of the mint in-flight entertainment features that can make passengers feel at home. For those passengers flying on Red-eye flights, sleeps capes and meditation are also available. Wi-Fi is also there to allow passengers to surf through the internet.

Ease at the airport

 It is not only on board that one gets facilitated through mint flying; the perks start your check-in at the airport with two free check-in bags, priority check-in, and boarding while getting the lounge access.

Personalized services

The mint class passengers will be provided impressive service as more flight attendants are assigned to this class. As its premium product offers personalized services such as wellness kits, the airline does not disturb buttons, wellness kits that can truly add value to the passenger experience.

JetBlue’s Mint Routes

JetBlue’s Mint cabin has proven to be the turning point for the success of the airlines, which provides the personalized business class experience with comparatively affordable airfares.  The first mint flight took place between New York and Los Angeles in 2014. Following its success, the mint service was offered on New York and San Francisco route in 2015. As the mint flights became hit, JetBlue expanded its premium services on Caribbean international flights.

JetBlue Mint Routes
JetBlue Mint Routes

Now JetBlue operates its mint product on over 30 routes, mainly the flights between East Coast and West Coast and seasonal offerings to the Caribbean. 

Now, JetBlue offers its mint flights on the following routes

United States

•        Las Vegas

•        Los Angeles

•        Palm Springs

•        San Francisco

•        Seattle


•        Aruba


•        Bridgetown, Barbados

Costa Rica

•        Liberia, Costa Rica

JetBlue at Costa Rica


•        Grenada,

Saint Lucia

•        St. Lucia

•        Saint Maarten

U.S. Virgin Island

•        St. Thomas

United Kingdom

•        London

•        London Gatwick

•        London Heathrow

JetBlue Mint Seats

JetBlue’s Mint is a premium cabin with a premium travel experience with the best seats one can find on an airplane.  Mint class cabin is better than first class. As seats can extend to lengthy 6’8″, they are the longest lie flats with firmness cushions and massage features. They are arguably the most comfortable seats, which are only available on JetBlue mint routes.  JetBlue’s mint seats are based on Thompson Vantage design.

Jet blue mint
Jet blue mint

The Mint sub fleet of JetBlue’s is provided by Airbus A321 aircraft with a total of 159 seats, with 16 flatbed seats. Mint seats are tailored to include additional storage and USB power outlets. Out of 16 Mint seats, four are Mini-Suites which are private suites including a sliding door. Seats include cushions to adjust seat firmness. Depending on the type of flight you have booked, there are varieties of fancy JetBlue Mint seats. JetBlue passengers can upgrade themselves from Core seating to “Even More Space” seating which offers additional 4-8 inches in a seat pitch. Throughout the Core cabin, these seats are allocated.

JetBlue Mint business class

In February, JetBlue introduced its new Mint Studio and Mint Suite seats. The airlines redesigned Mint business-class, and each seat is a whole private suite with a sliding door. The new A321neo aircraft contains a total of 160 seats, of which 144 are economy seats, and 16 are mint seats (14 mint suites and two mint studios). The airline has upgraded amenities needed in flight. The seats are embedded with Tuft and Needle and breathable seat covers so that fliers can get a comfy and temperature-regulated sleep.

Wellness addition to JetBlue Mint Cabin
Wellness addition to JetBlue Mint Cabin: Photo by Runway Girl Network

The JetBlue Mint Suite

JetBlue Mint seat is a suite, which includes an adjustable 17-inch seatback entertainment screen, wireless charging capabilities, a phone ledge, two A.C. adaptors for in-seat power, and small-item storage. High-speed Wi-Fi will also be available to the passengers.

The JetBlue Mint Studio

The Mint Studios are extra spacious with two windows, more personal space, 22-inch tilting entertainment screen, largest flat lie beds on U.S. carrier, guest seat, and extra tray table which can accommodate another Mint passenger.

JetBlue’s new class seats can’t be selected in advance without additional fee payment. Passengers traveling in JetBlue Blue Basic shall be able to choose a seat 24 hours before the flight departure.

With the affordable price and superior product, JetBlue is able to reach the top of international success.

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